1. R

    Transmission Error Code RPM Sensor 3

    Hey, just wondering if anyone knows what the issue is with my transmission. For the last year I have been experiencing a little jolt now and then in the gear shifts and not being able to change to sports mode whilst this would happen and the car would Rev higher than normal, normally this would...
  2. C

    W212 E250 Petrol Auto Transmission Downshift Clunk

    Hi all, I'm having an intermittent issue with my W212 E250, 60k mileage 2013, petrol auto. When motorway driving - if I put my foot down the transmission would downshift from gear 7 to say gear 5.... now just before gear 5 engages sometimes the transmission would clunk and cause the car to...
  3. P

    CLS220 Shooting Break 2015 ATS Problem 722.9 7 Speed

    Evening All, I recently had my CLS services (60k miles) 5-year service which included a transmission filter and oil change as recommended (75k miles or every 5 years). Before the change, the vehicle gearbox was silky smooth with no issues. However, since the change the ATS has been very clunky...
  4. K

    W220 wont go into first gear on its own

    Hello, new around here so not quite sure if this is the right spot, but am grateful for any help. So I bought a mercedes w220 some time ago and ever since the car has been dying at stops, not allways but sometimes, I think I have narrowed it down to it not going into first gear on its own, I...
  5. M

    Pending Code P0894 and PO732

    Hi i have a mercedes c200 w204 2012 deseil and have a pending code po894 and po732 transmission slipping and gear rato 2 i can feel the slip in the gears back engine still not on ... does it come on for transmission issues i do have the esp light but this has been on a while now before the slip...
  6. Andrew Donnelly

    Advice on Mercedes W124 95’ Auto

    Hi, Having problem and hoping for advice. After car went in for service and rocker gasket replacement, I find it under revs and pulls away sluggishly in 1st gear. Almost cuts out when pulling away, seems to be a delay. Auto box goes through rest of gears smoothly. Appreciate any help!
  7. S

    Are W124 manual transmissions reliable?

    In a previous thread, someone said that w124 manual transmissions are very bad and they break down all the time. Is this true? I recently bought a W123 with a 5 speed W124 transmission.
  8. S

    What type of transmission do the W124 have?

    So i recently bought a Mercedes 240D. The owner said that he swapped the old iron-case 4 speed transmission to a W124 5 speed transmission. Does anyone know whether the transmission is Iron-case or Aluminum-case? Its a manual
  9. I

    Mercedes R-Class R320 CDI Variant Coding

    Hi I just finished the Om642 oil cooler seal change, engine seems to be working good, but I get the original shutter and sluggish shifting on my transmission during lite acceleration takeoff from stop, I went through all the transmission adaptation in DAS, but nothing seems to change when I...
  10. A

    Noise from Automatic Transmission on W211 E280 Saloon (2005)

    I'm hearing a low whine from the transmission that, gear-by-gear (automatic), raises in pitch as the car accelerates. The car's done around 110,000 miles. Can anyone advise what the problem is likely to be? Thanks, Peter
  11. motocod

    W211 E270 gearbox oil change

    Hi Folks, My 2005 E270 is currently on just under 150,000 miles, and to my knowledge has never had the gearbox oil changed. My understanding is this should be done every 70k or so. I've spoken to Coverdale in Newton Abbot about getting it done. They tell me that aside from main dealers they...
  12. G

    A180 CDI Alternator causing Transmission problems?

    I have an A180 CDI Avantgarde 2005 (automatic). Have been driving it for 1 1/2 months without any problems. Last weekend I got the alternator error on the dashboard and drove it to the local garage. It appears now that the car won't move at all as there is a transmission problem. Can an...
  13. K

    W211 E220 - ABS/ESP - Transmission limp mode

    Hello! I Got an W211 E220 who is in a Transmission limp mode - (2227-1) It would not change gear, it stucked. I got error on the ABS/ESP and i search for failure codes, when i did that i got that the right rear sensor vas defect, so i changed it. Now its in the same shape as before, not even...
  14. O

    W220 - Engine Coolant and Transmission Problem

    Hi guys i have a mercedes W220 (S350) Ive recently noticed that my transmission was acting weird, in terms of gears shifting feeling a bit gerky and taking longer to shift. Ive checked my transmission fluid level and there is oil in it. Ive also noticed that there is anti freeze liquid from...
  15. O

    W220 Tranmission Problem and Oil In coolant

    Hi guys, I have a Mercedes W220 (2003, 3.7l, S-class, s350) On my way back from work. I noticed that when I put my car in drive there was a slight delay in a sense of the gear clicking in place to move off, I also noticed that when I try to put it in N or R also slight delays. Once I pulled...
  16. JustinN

    AMG 7G-DCT Transmission Quirk?

    Hi All I'm now the proud owner of a 2015 GLA45 AMG and I absolutely love the car! I've never driven a car with a 7G-DCT transmission and I don't know if my experiences are normal or not, so I thought I'd ask fellow owners. The issue I'm having is with the DCT transmission during very slow...
  17. S

    Help Needed. Transmission fluid amount mercedes vaneo 1.7cdi automatic 2005

    Hi, Just trying to find the amount /qty in millitires that my automatic gearbox takes, if filled from empty? Also link to manufacturers recommendation or helpful pages /information also a help. My car is a mercedes vaneo 2005 1.7cdi automatic gearbox Thanks in advnce for your help and...
  18. T

    Engine "wobble" or "strain" in park

    Hi guys and gals I have an a200 2014 7G-DCT, and when I start the car in park (cold or warm) the engine sounds like it wants to pull away - as if it was in drive and there was a strain (I'm pretty sure the car isn't trying to move). It almost sounds like a soft knock or wobble. If I click the...
  19. N

    270 cdi transmission usual fault. Advice

    Hi I recently bought a 2003 270 clk cdi elegance and unfortunately it now seems to need a new gear box. The car presented with a transmission fault that the main dealer diagnosed as a Tcu issue so replaced, with no differencce to the original problem and at great expense. They now say it...
  20. J


    Hi, I joined up today with the hope I may get some good advice from you guys. I am looking to buy a 2013+ SLK amg in a few months. I am just struggling to decide which type of fuel/transmission to choose. Even though I am not a fan of how the diesels sound I decided cost wise a diesel...

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