1. L

    Slipping Gears / No electronic fault detected on the diagnostics

    Hi all :) I've been encountering what I think are transmission issues with my 2011 Mercedes C-Class Blue Efficiency Sport sedan lately. It feels like the gears are slipping, resulting in a less than smooth transition between shifts. When I accelerate, I notice a delay in speed increase despite...
  2. M

    need help with 722.6 transmission issues

    Hi everyone, I am having problems with my clk240 (2004) with the 722.6 5 speed transmission. The gearbox was serviced 1000 miles ago. It jerks between 1-2 gear, sometimes 3rd gear. Sometimes when it starts the gearbox is in “limp mode” where I can’t manually shift the gears and it doesn’t want...
  3. K

    Gearbox doesn´t change gears.

    Recently I have gone through a problem on my 2005 C200 CDI (Automatic). Not everytime, but some times, the car doesn´t change any gears. The PRND in the dashboard won´t show any indicator on what gear the car is, the C/S modality won´t work, and the car will be stuck in first gear, even in Park...
  4. Z

    What transmission do I have

    So I have a 2003 s600 v12 brabus and the transmission is no good and i was wondering what exact transmission it would be. Ive looked on all the verify by VIN sights and all the info i get is that its a shiftable 5 speed. if anyone could tell me the exact transmission code for these cars it would...
  5. P

    Help with CL203 Transmission

    Hello all. I'm having issues with my CL203 220cdi C class ( It is a diesel with an automatic transmission. When it is cold outside, and the engine hasn't warmed up, the car feels like it...
  6. J

    2012 Merc C220 CDI strange problem - transmission related?

    Hi guys Sorry to sign up and go straight into posting a thread but I am doing this on behalf of my dad who really need a bit of help with his Merc and this place seems to have a vast wealth of knowledge. He has a 2012 C220 CDI on 60,000 miles which he has only owned for 6 months and I believe...
  7. J

    W205 gear selection issues

    Hi there. I have a 2019 plate petrol 9tronic c class. Car has been running great since we got it last August but over the past 24 hours, has been acting strange when driving on motorways at 70mph. Normally at these speeds, it is well up to 9th gear. Usually around 65mph. Was driving last night...
  8. J

    ML270 stuck in park

    Hi New here for the forum I’m looking for some advice, I’ve got an ml270 2005 model Bought it after being parked up for 2 years, put a battery to it and up she fired and drove home around 2 miles, Was busy with work and didn’t get near it for a few weeks After starting it the transmission...
  9. R

    W204 C250 CDI Chugging/Jumping on Hard Acceleration

    Hi, I’ve been having issues with W204 C250 OM651 recently. When driving casually if I depress the accelerator slightly the car will jump/chug for maybe 3 seconds and the RPMs visibly jump up and down. Noticed it usually happens when I’m driving around 1400rpms and put the accelerator maybe...
  10. L

    W5A580 5G Transmission Limp mode

    Hi everyone, I have a 2008 Jeep Grand Cheeroke WK 3.0 CRD. It has the Mercedes transmission. It has started going into limp mode pretty often. It will not change gears automatically (stuck at second gear) and it will not allow me to manually change gears (+-). If I turn the car off and on it...
  11. G

    transission 722.6 flare

    hello i have a 2004 200cdi with 180xxx km. i have now done 2 transmission oil changes in 1 month as i didnt want to do flush, changed the: conductor plate, connector and did some sonnax kit rebuild. i also bathed the transmission brain in connector spray/cleaner so it shouldnt have any more oil...
  12. G

    transmission is shifting hard. w203

    if the transmission has already began to shift hard sometimes, is it worth changing oil and filter? is there hope that will save and fix the transmission? or should i change transmission? dont want to waste money, w203 200cdi 2004 automatic. changes hard when i have little to none throttle down...
  13. A

    Transmission - Consult Workshop on A180 58 Reg Looking for Garage Recommendations

    Hi all, My A180 Mercedes, 58 Reg number showed Transmission - Consult Workshop last week. I have got a diagnosis report and and I was told there is a fault with the transmission/gearbox which could need replacement. I know from my garage where I service/MOT the car that only certain places take...
  14. R

    Transmission Error Code RPM Sensor 3

    Hey, just wondering if anyone knows what the issue is with my transmission. For the last year I have been experiencing a little jolt now and then in the gear shifts and not being able to change to sports mode whilst this would happen and the car would Rev higher than normal, normally this would...
  15. C

    W212 E250 Petrol Auto Transmission Downshift Clunk

    Hi all, I'm having an intermittent issue with my W212 E250, 60k mileage 2013, petrol auto. When motorway driving - if I put my foot down the transmission would downshift from gear 7 to say gear 5.... now just before gear 5 engages sometimes the transmission would clunk and cause the car to...
  16. P

    CLS220 Shooting Break 2015 ATS Problem 722.9 7 Speed

    Evening All, I recently had my CLS services (60k miles) 5-year service which included a transmission filter and oil change as recommended (75k miles or every 5 years). Before the change, the vehicle gearbox was silky smooth with no issues. However, since the change the ATS has been very clunky...
  17. K

    W220 wont go into first gear on its own

    Hello, new around here so not quite sure if this is the right spot, but am grateful for any help. So I bought a mercedes w220 some time ago and ever since the car has been dying at stops, not allways but sometimes, I think I have narrowed it down to it not going into first gear on its own, I...
  18. M

    Pending Code P0894 and PO732

    Hi i have a mercedes c200 w204 2012 deseil and have a pending code po894 and po732 transmission slipping and gear rato 2 i can feel the slip in the gears back engine still not on ... does it come on for transmission issues i do have the esp light but this has been on a while now before the slip...
  19. Andrew Donnelly

    Advice on Mercedes W124 95’ Auto

    Hi, Having problem and hoping for advice. After car went in for service and rocker gasket replacement, I find it under revs and pulls away sluggishly in 1st gear. Almost cuts out when pulling away, seems to be a delay. Auto box goes through rest of gears smoothly. Appreciate any help!
  20. S

    Are W124 manual transmissions reliable?

    In a previous thread, someone said that w124 manual transmissions are very bad and they break down all the time. Is this true? I recently bought a W123 with a 5 speed W124 transmission.

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