1. M

    ML 270 2003 MOT failure on emissions

    Dear All, My 163k 2003 ML has failed MOT on emissions. I was advised to use some injector cleaner and take for an Italian tune up ( hammer up and down motorway) before re test. Took it in and it is slightly better BUT still failed. limit is 0.8, it was reading 0.85/0.86 on opacity test. Would...
  2. T

    W163 ML270 Starting Problems

    Hi All. I have a 2004 ML270 that’s being problematic starting when cold. It starts first time but almost immediately cuts out. It then needs another 4 or 5 cranks to start it. Problem is, it sometimes kills the battery by the last attempt so I then have to charge it. It’s been in to an...
  3. E

    W163 (ML270cdi) Gearbox Identification

    Can anyone help me check the compatibility of 2 gearboxes (or tell me who I need tocontact) given the Chassis numbers of 2 model W163s - one of which I own (2005 model) and one I have access to (2004 model). The gearbox on mine has a faulty torque converter so I need to drop the gearbox out...
  4. Kiwi_Benz

    W163 2003 Ipod or AUX added to Command 2.0 radio upgrade

    Upgrade of the Command 2.0 Bose sound system without MOST etc is possible. I purchased a cable (and the head unit removal keys) from the guys at Command Online in the UK and it came with instructions to attach 4 wires into the back of the head unit into C2. You then fit the other end of the...
  5. Kiwi_Benz

    Kiwi (not lost) in France, for now with W163

    Hello all, I have been looking through the forum and thought I should join! I'm a Kiwi currently in France but I live in Indonesia, and while we are in France we need a vehicle to tow a horse float. So, ML270 seemed a good idea! It has a strange fault we just noticed on our first long trip -...
  6. G

    weird cable sticking out on ML

    Hello chaps. ML 270 CDI 2001 auto I have a cable sticking out from under the centre console on passenger side. It is not very flexible and has a screw thing on it to attach it to something. Any ideas what it might be? The car has an original CD, radio gps unit that works fine. All else works.
  7. K

    Ml270 injector popped out

    I have a problem with my 270. One of the injectors popped out and stripped the threads. Tired m6 helicoil but the original bolt holes to big for m6. Can i go m7 or even m8? Is there enough surround metal to be able to drill n tap an m7 or m8 helicoil. All help appreciated
  8. Granit

    Please Help!! ML 270 CDI Turbo or Cat problem

    Hi there, My first post and I really hope someone can help me on this problem. Right, Yesterday which was Sunday, I thought I would take off the Turbo intake pipe and clean it. So I started by opening up the air filter box taking the air filter out, note that the air filer had sort of...
  9. TechnoWhizz

    W163 Front screen demist

    On my W163 2003 ML500 with LPG conversion.... The front screen demist isn't working. On auto or manually select or Demist button, the fan is working fine, but the flap doesn't seem to open. I've tried moving the direction control and you can hear the flaps moving, but no air to the screen. Also...
  10. Gillibrand

    ML W163 Bi-Xenon Self-Levelling Motor - Replaceable?

    I have a 2003 ML350 W163 with factory fitted Bi-Xenons. The n/s light seems to point too high (several inches higher than the o/s when about 2' from a wall). I have tried adjusting it manually, which moved it a bit but not enough. Can you replace the self-levelling motor on these headlights? Any...
  11. TechnoWhizz

    OBD2 Error Code P4010 or 410 Secondary Air Injection System W163

    Hi Everyone, Just got a little Bluetooth OBD2 unit to try on my W163 ML500 (03). All works fine (within its capability) but it comes up repeatedly with this P4010 code. I do occasionally get a sluggishness from the engine under load, and now the little unit is attached and paired with my phone...
  12. orbitalegg

    Reverse Camera Power Feed

    Hi guys, I'm trying to install a generic reverse camera on my W163 and I was wondering if anyone new which wire carries the power to the reverse light on the 163:confused:. thanks.
  13. Gillibrand

    ML350 W163 Power Steering Fluid Leak

    My 2003 ML350 W163 started leaking power steering fluid. It is the low pressure hose that is the problem - the end has perished where it joins the radiator. I was planning to use a generic hose (suitable for oil) to replace it, does anyone know what the internal diameter of the hose is please...
  14. T

    No Interior Lighting ML270 w163

    Please help, I've just picked up a 2004 ML270 cdi w163 and none of the interior roof lights work, front middle or back. i,ve checked fuse 13, it's fine and the 3 way switch does nothing. also the switch to allow the car to be towed (in roof panel with lights) does nothing when pressed...
  15. orbitalegg

    AAM replacement

    Hi Guys, I am having issues with my central locking (W163 1998), it worked intermittently and has in the past 2 day given up completely. I am able to use the centre console button to lock and unlock the car and I can open the car with the key. I have put new batteries in the fob and having...
  16. S

    Radiator hoses deforming when revving engine.

    Hi folks, i have noticed that when you rev the engine on my W163 the large bore hose that runs along the top of the radiator deforms and gets sucked in. Replaced the hoses but it's still happening. Any ideas? Thermostat is new this year and temp is perfect. cheers Ian.
  17. Gillibrand

    London to Moscow W163 ML430

    I am planning to drive from London to Moscow in summer, mainly using motorways / fast roads, through France - Belgium - Germany - Poland - Belarus - Russia. What sort of spares / service items should I take as a precaution (apart from spare bulbs). Any general travel advice also welcome...
  18. M

    ML320 1999 Leaking Fluid

    On my way home today I noticed the car beginning to wine when I came off and on the throttle. 10 mins later I was home I open the bonnet and could see a leak (Guessing Transmission fluid) if I am standing in from of the engine it is the RH side and it looks like a pipe that comes from near the...
  19. ch_wmids_uk

    W163 2002 Crankshaft Radial Seal

    Hi, My local dealer has highlighted some work they feel needs doing on the car. Most of it I understand but I'm not sure about the following; Crankshaft Radial Seal at rear on output end. The part number is MA112 997 02 46 - cost £ 11.60. To get to it it seams they have to remove / replace...
  20. V

    w163 winter tyres, size conversions and ESP

    Hello, another tyres question, Mercedes recommends only one 17 inches tyre size for my w153 ML 270CDI: 255/60R17 we all now the narrow and the higher is the winter tyre is the best, based on this I have the following questions: 1. Is it ok to use 235/65R17 size - bear in mind that ALL...

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