1. W

    Mercedes McLaren SLR 722 Wheels for Sale

    I have a complete set of Mercedes McLaren SLR 722 wheels for sale. They are previously used so have some minor scuff on them (can be seen in photos). Open to serious offers on them.
  2. P

    C Class 205 wheels with TPMS

    4 Wheels, 3 unmarked one with some marks, no dents or damage, 225/15x17 2 with new tyres 2 will need replacing soon. all with working TPMS just bolt them on and the car will recognise them. £400 ono collection from Bristol
  3. A

    500SL centre caps *help*

    Hi guys, Ive just bought some new wheels for my 500SL as it had the wrong ones fitted. I got the 16 hole classic SL wheels which are period correct for my 1985 model, the only issue is I haven’t got any centre caps and can’t seem to find the right size, they’re 70mm outer and 65mm inner...
  4. H

    Tyre Wear and Handling Question (CLA220d 2018 ShootingBreak)

    Hello, CLA220d AMG PLUS Night (68) I've had my vehicle for over a year now, still factory Tyres but my nearside front (over 20k miles). My offside front Tyre seems to be scrubbing the outer shoulder bald, there is still quite a bit of meat left on the rest of the tyre (see images). I did...
  5. M


    Hello, WANTED - 507 Edition Wheels for C63 Coupe (2012) Would consider High Quality Reps but ideally Genuine Black wheels only. Best, James
  6. S

    Staggerd Tyres or not? (Tyre Size).

    Hi all I recently purchased a C Class 2014 (W205) Bluetec Sport Premium. I've just noticed that the tyre sizes on the front are the same as on the back?! They're both 225/50 17 Y. I thought rear wheel drive vehicles had bigger/wider tyres on the back as was evident in my last C Class...
  7. S

    Non standard wheels on C220 SE

    Hi there, first time poster here. I have put a deposit down on a 2016 (66 plate) C220 SE from a vauxhall dealer. They have fitted what I think are these wheels. The tyres are 18 inch 255,40 (picture of actual wheel attached) These seem to be wider than any of the official options for this...
  8. R

    [Spares] 124 8 hole alloys

    Hello Folks, I've swapped out my alloys on my 124 cabriolet as part of it's restoration. They are all in very good condition, a few chips but no major dings or scuffs. I've got them on the bay but willing to do a deal for a forum member...
  9. M

    Uneven steering feel

    Hi all I have a 69 plate e220d AMG line with 19inch wheel. I purchased the car new back in October. The car was delivered with the steering wheel off centre (quite far to the right). The car was taken back by the dealer and adjusted. The steering was centred but the car was left with a problem...
  10. D

    Alloy Engineers in Nottingham (awesome)

    I always keep my stuff pristine and have been using the common and expensive TWS/The Wheel Specialist for a few years. Their price is high but, colour options and turn is good compared to a few little independents I have used also. However, I came across another company, Alloy Engineers in...
  11. anyweb

    W213: 20" wheels to replace my 19" wheels.

    When I bought this car a year ago it had some amazing 20" wheels, but they were the wrong ET and therefore caused damage to the rear arches (which I had to get repaired and probably will have to repair again....). So I did some research, and made sure that I would get 20" wheels that were...
  12. S

    Vibration and shudder

    I have had a vibration and shudder issue with my 2016 E Class 220 Estate Auto. It occurs between 65 -80 MPH and feels like it is coming from the front. The vibration also seems to get stronger and weaker over a 2 second period - a bit like a throbbing! It has had a vibration which feels like a...
  13. McDonald

    I thinking of buying some Alloy wheels

    At present I have 17inch wheels but I've seen some 18 inch wheels. Front alloy: 8J X 18H2 ET45 Rear alloy: 8.5J X 18H2 ET48 Part number: A2074010000 I don't know if they'll fit my SL500 (R230) and if any function will be lost. Advice please.
  14. H

    Wheels on my C204

    Hi there I have a merc c220 cdi 13 plate coupe with 16” alloys on it (i think they’re referred to as W204?) currently. I was wondering whats the maximum I can to up to without reducing or impacing the performance and handling of the car. Also if the max is for example 18”, then will any 18”...
  15. Andybliss

    2004 CLK320 avantguard convertable original wheel size

    Hi all, I’m new here but need to find out what the original wheel/tyre size of my 2004 CLK320 avantguard convertable, it has aftermarket 19’s on it at the moment but handles and rides terrible so want to take it back to factory, can anyone help me please? Thanks in advance for any advise you...
  16. Petemayz

    Wheel sizes

    Hi all. New to forum. Own a 2014 C220 coupe. Just after some advice on wheel sizes. Currently have 18's with winter tyres but looking to buy some new rims for summer tyres. Does anybody know if 19's or even 20's would fit without any issues ? If so what tyre size i would need. Thanks in advance...
  17. L

    [Spares] 20" AMG Alloy Wheels and Tyres

    Having just changed my S350s' wheels to 18 inches, I'm now selling my 20" with tyres: 2X Continental SportContact 6 255/35/ZR20 (97Y) 2X Dunlop SP SportMaxx GT 275/35ZR/20 One wheel has a few scuffs as shown in pictures, another wheel has a few small scuffs and two wheels are in excellent...
  18. L

    [Wanted] 18" Alloys for S-Class W221

    Looking at changing current 20" alloys for 18". Before buying new, I thought I'd see if anyone here is selling any.
  19. T

    [Spares] Winter Mud / Snow TYRES and WHEELS (4 of) etc! W202, C200 etc

    Hi all. I've got Continental TS830 tyres with very good tread fitted to 4 C200 / W202 wheels. these were the Top Of Range recommended WINTER / SNOW / MUD tyres and were excellent for the one year I used them (October to end March). Balanced and ready to fit. i can send photos to anyone...
  20. silestanix

    [Wanted] Wanted ASAP - W202 fitment steel wheels with legal tyres

    Hi all, as above I urgently need a set of Steel wheels with legal tyres, need them to drive literally 20 miles in total, so even if someone can lend me a set that would be great! If not I'll use them for that time and they'll be up for sale on here for what I got them for. I'm in Essex (Gants...

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