1. G

    Wiper failed, indicators stopped, r129

    1991 300SL r129. Hello; I have been having problems with the wiper not working and now the indicators are also not working, the problem has been intermittent but now not. I have been following the advice on the blogs up to this point. The lights are working and I recently installed a new febi...
  2. K

    Wiper Motor replacement needed?

    Hi ; My ML270 ( 2005) has windscreen washer problems. They will not move under their own power , but do when I give them a hand ! the fuse is OK. Do I need to replace the motor or is there a mechanical issue? Can I get a second hand motor fitted?
  3. M

    Broken Windscreen Wiper Clip

    Hi everyone! New to this forum so hope this is the right place to ask this! Recently tried putting on new wiper blades on my 2017 A-Class, and one of the clips that you attach the blade into broke... The new blades didn't come with these and I've contacting Halfords to see if they sell them...
  4. J

    W203 wiper problem

    I got this wierd problem with my wipers and its really annoying, i think the video explains everything. Tried screwing around with the wipers a bit but dont understand how to move back the stopping point... Any help or tips would be awesome!
  5. Grotbag

    2005 CLK windscreen wiper arm

    Hi all Slight problem with my CLK The passenger side windscreen wiper isn't working. Driver side OK The arm feels like it's not connected to anything. It is loose and floppy. Either it has disconnected itself or something has snapped. Any ideas if it's an easy fix for a complete novice or...
  6. T

    Windscreen wipers wearing out quikly

    Hi, I get very little use out of my windscreen wiper before they start vibrating across the glass when in use. As a result the use sticker turns yellow very soon. I use the MB wipers for the car(E Coupe) same wipers as the C-Class. I there a possibility that wiper arms need adjusting...
  7. W

    w164 ML63 wiper problems - only 7 volt registering

    Hi guys would like some assistance . Have a 2007 ML63, which got very wet over the winter of 2014/2105 and subsequently has caused me a few issues. The last but probably the most annoying is the wiper motor... We have replaced it and the new one works perfectly when connected direct to...
  8. T

    W202 Wiper Problem

    Hi guys! I have a 1999 C220 CDI with a strange wiper problem. I have extensively read many threads on this but my problem seems to be different to everyone elses. Issues are: 1) Sometimes the wiper will randomly switch itself on in the slow speed position, make a random number of sweeps...
  9. 6

    W204 Wiper arm replacement

    Vandal damage - I took a look and found the wiper arm had been bent back. On closer inspection I saw there was a 1 inch crack in the windscreen and some crushed glass. I summise a miscreant had used a long metal tool, like a screwdriver and had tried to lever the wiper arm off. Now, I've tried...
  10. B

    W203 wiper and washer stop working

    Wiper and washer pump on my Merc C200CDI w203 do not work. A mechanic connected his Bosch diagnostic tool and he could activate both so I guess the fault is either at wiper stalk, cable harness or SAM. Can anyone advise how I can isolate the problem. I don't know where the SAM is located. I look...
  11. nicensleazy

    W208 Faulty Indicator/Wiper Stalk

    First of all a big Hello to everyone, I’ve been meaning to join the Forum for a while and haven’t got round to it but today seemed an appropriate day after the grief my 230 CLK has decided to give me since last Thursday. The vehicle is a 1998 Elegance in quartz blue with just under 90k on the...
  12. B

    Wiper not working on 1997 c180

    In the last few weeks my wiper on my 1997 c180 was slowing down at the top of its arc and yesterday afterday some snow it is not moving at all except a tiny little stutter when I turn it on. I can hear the motor move but the wiper does not move across the windscreen at all. I have just read...
  13. P

    W202 wiper relay/stalk problem

    My first post, and apologies if this is covered somewhere already - I did look but there are 500+ threads in this category. Just bought a '97 C200 Elegance auto estate (upgrade from my beloved 1992 190E) and all the electrics are working - sunroof, windows, mirrors, lamps, etc - except the...
  14. J

    W124 300CE Wiper and windows

    Hi, Has anyone got an idea. The front wiper and washer stopped working yesterday (snow, slush & salt - great) and, at the same time, the windows stopped working. When stopped, and the motor not running, the windows work fine. When running, not. If it was just the wiper I would look at...
  15. C

    Wiper problems

    I have a 2003 C200K. Fantastic car. The passenger side wiper isn't working I guess its a problem with teh linkage. Question is how do I remove the cover to inspect it?

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