1. Marnie1105

    2017 E220d Saloon (W213) Ad Blue Issue?!

    Hi Team, So a few days ago, i got the Ad Blue alert pop that it needs to be refilled, with the 500mile count down. So I ordered x2 10litre ad blue bottles. They arrived today. I put 10ltrs in first, done the whole adblue reset thing with the ignition on/off for 30 seconds, waited about 10...
  2. D

    ADBLUE issue following software update

    Hello everyone, Newbie here based in Solihull. I've got a 2015 GLE250 that I bought used in Jan 2020 with 70k on the clock (FSH). I've done 12k miles in the 14 months since I purchased the car and it has been serviced as required. I took the car in last Monday for the emissions software...
  3. S

    Adblue setting error

    Hi guys im new to forum. Very weird problem guys. I have c200d 2016 and on setting for adblue its shows - - on range with no adblue. Plugged it into star diagnostics and nothing came up. The car definitely has enough adblue and the adblue seems to be working but just doesnt show anything on...
  4. M

    Adblue System Fault

    Hi I got 2013 Mercedes E350 had problem with its Nox sensors got them replaced. Got message on dashboard Adblue engine won’t start after 340 miles. Filled Adblue but still got the error. Got it diagnosed and got these error codes local garage told that I need to change Adblue tank. Any ideas...
  5. I

    Guidance required

    Hi All I have an issue with my C250 A205 diagnostic says my adblue level is not registering and one of my Nox sensors are u/s. I've looked online and as i'm reasonably confident with he spanners I think I can replace the box sensor. Just one question as there are two upstream and down stream are...
  6. W

    Adblue EML - Your engine will not start in 500,499miles

    We have a 2016 GLC 250 with full service history. It has covered 65K. Recently the EML appeared, followed by a more specific warning that Adblue - in 500 miles your engine will not start. This has counted down to 300 while we have waited to book into MB main dealer. The car is covered for...
  7. anyweb

    w213: e220d adblue message

    hi, on my way to the shop today I got a message on my dashboard, Fill up with Adblue, or something similar, and from previous reading, I know it is important to keep adblue topped up so I went and bought 10 liters of the stuff, and filled it all in, but... am i supposed to fill more than that or...
  8. C

    Adblue in 2.2 Bluetec engines

    Dear all, I have a technical question to ask all of you running the 2.2cdi Bluetec engine. How long does your Adblue tank last please between fills? I know the documentation says, "between services" but I am particularly interested in hard data on this, so any of you who fill yours up...

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