1. C

    My first Mercedes C class

    Hi everyone, I’m looking to buy my first Mercedes, and I just stopped on C class from 2015-2017. Really like this car and I would like to ask if is anything in particular to look after ? Mechanical, model, stuff like that. If someone could give me a couple advice I will really appreciate it...
  2. K

    Newbie needs some advice!

    Hi all, new to the forum and looking to buy my first Merc. Have my heart set on an r230 SL500. I'm in Northern Ireland and they are nearly non-existent over here so I'll probably have to travel to England to pick one up. Annoyingly this means I can't see the car in person before buying! I've...
  3. Andrew Donnelly

    Advice on Mercedes W124 95’ Auto

    Hi, Having problem and hoping for advice. After car went in for service and rocker gasket replacement, I find it under revs and pulls away sluggishly in 1st gear. Almost cuts out when pulling away, seems to be a delay. Auto box goes through rest of gears smoothly. Appreciate any help!
  4. A

    Mercedes CLA, 2013 W117 Push Start Button

    Guys/girls I have a Mercedes CLA 2013, it didn’t come with a push start button, however does have the feature as far as I can tell, I ordered one online but doesn’t seem to work, is there a specific button for the exact model of car that would would as an aftermarket
  5. E

    Parts, spares, Help, where to get OEM,

    Hi All, I really need some help, I'm rebuilding my 1988, w201, 190e, And I need recommendations for websites to get genuine or quality OEM parts? I was looking online for all of my parts, at first I was looking at all Febi bilstein but after seeing some reviews on here it looks like they...
  6. A

    Hi, I need advice on engine Codes

    Hi guys. My first post here. Im Adam and I drive a C200 2010 which I’ve never had a problem with. Yesterday, after a drive no longer than 10 minutes, my engine warning light came on. I plugged an OBDII in and it gave 4 codes. P0045 P0688 P2602 P2006. I’m a little nervous to drive it. I will...
  7. Cgd

    Cheap winter tyres/winter alloys&tyres

    Dear all I must confess I’m a total MB newbie First ever, went for a C220 bluetec, 2.1, SE, 2016, I believe this is a W205 Living up in Scotland we survived last winter, just, and we did get stranded for a week till car was able to cope with the worst of winter Given that I regularly...
  8. T

    Hey. Just bought my first Mercedes!

    Hi All Just bought a lovely C300h AMG Line (Premium Plus) and would love any suggestions on * What to do next * What to check * Recommended servicing places * Any after-market add on's that will help * Anything you think I should know with being a first time owner and especially in connection...
  9. M

    2006 C220 CDI Questions - Please help!

    Hi all, I've just brought by Step-dad's 2006 C220 CDI (Evo Pan spec) and have a couple of quick questions. 1: I can see the buttons on the centre console and steering wheel for phonecalls but can't see any way of connecting the phone. I'm assuming that I need another piece of kit for this...
  10. R

    W123 Engine Swap

    Hello, I'm new here. Not sure if I'm in the right place, but I wondered if anyone has any experience of installing an M103 5 speed manual engine into a W123 CE? The Coupe has a 240d (??!!) with a blown head gasket and I've been offered an M103 from a W126300SE (so many numbers and letters..)...
  11. A

    Any one mapped?

    Has anybody remap their car and if so any pros and cons? Looking to map the c250 diesel to get extra ompth and response there is bit of turbo lag. I know it's not sports car but who wouldn't want Eco and sporty ;)
  12. A


    hi there would anyone know of good after market subtle spoiler to go on class saloon obvs don't want to ruin it but Little spoilers I see going around look nice merc have quoted redic price for there's
  13. Alex240

    2008 E300 avantgarde S

    Hello MB owners. It's been a long time since I've dropped in, you know, life happens and all that. Anyway, I happen to be in Japan at the moment, have been for a while actually. So I'll get to the point. I'm considering buying this car :- (if...
  14. S

    Thinking of buying a 2003 CLK .. Any advice?

    Hi everybody, I have recently come across and ad from a dealership trying to sell a 2003 CLK 1.8 Automatic Kompressor. The ad is currently selling for EUR1,600 which is a pretty reasonable price. I am wondering if there is anything that I may need to take into consideration so that I...
  15. H

    Dream car Stolen :-(

    Hi Everone I won't dwell or go on to much...!! 4 months ago I purchase my gorgeous 2012 white c250 cdi, absolutely loved the car both inside and out. The way it drove was a dream. Unfortunately we have been broken into and my keys was taken and the car has now long gone ☹️ Just over a...
  16. J

    Buying Car In Republic of Ireland.....

    Hi guys, I am about to go to Dublin to purchase a late 90's Merc (will post pics and details once collected), however, I have some questions relating to my overseas purchase:- 1). What is the Irish equivalent of HPI (or is HPI effective in Ireland), as want to check for outstanding finance...
  17. H

    Advice needed - C320 CDI

    Evening guys and gals, Apologies if this is in the wrong place but I need a few pointers please on a car I'm looking at purchasing....namely a C320 CDi on an 05 plate at 135k miles... I'm in need of a motor that's going to be bullet proof, last a lot of miles and keep me entertained, all...
  18. A

    Purchasing a C240 - what to look out for?

    Hi all, Very new to here, so be gentle! I'm looking at buying a C240 this week, its a 2002 model, 124k miles, blue / mauve body with grey interior. In a bit of a state and needing some serious TLC which I'm willing to give. Have asked it be put through a full MOT at a friend's MOT...
  19. L


    Hi everyone, a couple of months ago some fool smashed off my drivers side mirror, the whole units pretty smashed up and i've been getting by with a caravan mirror that i taped into what was left of the body, duck taped to my car. Not very nice! I've been searching tirelessly on spare part...
  20. A

    Hey People | From Dublin

    Hi there, My name is Samir and I am currently living and working in Dublin. ROI. I currently drive a 1998 Altezza. I have always had a sweet spot for the CLK 230K and I am supposed to go view one in the evening LINK, if all goes well; I will be swapping the Tezza for the 1998 CLK 230...
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