1. Graeme Jardine

    New Member Intro (W212 E63 5.5 Owner)

    Hi there, New member here. Have a 2012 (W212) E63 5.5 which I have owned for around 2.5 years. Love the car, however the aftermarket wheels which the previous owner had fitted are buckled and needing to replace. Anyone know a good place to find stock staggered 19"s for this car? I think it may...
  2. H

    W124 Genuine Alloys or Refurb Monoblock

    Hello guys, My 1994 W124 Coupe started to loose pressure in the tyres quick and checked that it was due to some corrosion on the inner lip. It currently has 18” monoblock replicas, which came with the car when I bought it. 2 of the alloys have the problem, so should I get them fully refurbished...
  3. R

    Welding Repair To Cracked Alloys

    To all Londoners looking for a welding service for cracked alloys, courtesy of the frankly p!sspoor state of London's roads at the moment, I just wanted to flag up the brilliant services of First Aid Wheels in West Hampstead. Rear tyre on my W211 E320 CDI Sports was losing lots of pressure over...
  4. H

    Wheels on my C204

    Hi there I have a merc c220 cdi 13 plate coupe with 16” alloys on it (i think they’re referred to as W204?) currently. I was wondering whats the maximum I can to up to without reducing or impacing the performance and handling of the car. Also if the max is for example 18”, then will any 18”...
  5. M

    Alloy wheel load rating

    Hi, I'm new to Vito ownership am looking to fit some alloys to my W638 Vito. Struggling to find details re load ratings required. Also looking at some Mercedes ML W163 alloys but not sure of their load rating. Is this info available anywhere or if any body knows this would be greatly...
  6. N

    SL55 -- update and RIM/TYRE question.

    It's been 2 months so far and I've done 2k miles -- and I LOVE IT! It's so powerful, it's insane! I still worry about the possible maintenance costs, but I got Alex Crow to take a look at it, and change the ABC fluid and he's ace. It's taken a little while to get used to the power and...
  7. B

    Alloy Wheel Centre Cap Clip on Emblem

    Hi guys, Wondering if anyone can help. I have recently purchased a set of these alloys ...
  8. L

    Mercedes C180 alloys

    Hi, Paint has started to peel of my standard alloys. Would anyone recommend getting them re-done or strip them and leave them just as the bare aluminium.
  9. M

    Changing factory order - reasonable expectations?

    Hi All, My first post - hopefully one of many - nice to meet you all. On May 5th I ordered a new CLA 220, with estimated delivery date of 25th July. After deliberating my chosen spec, I decided to change the wheels I'd selected - originally I ordered the upgraded black spoke ones (+£360)...
  10. G

    CLC 220 CDI Alloy Wheels

    I have a 2008 CLC with 16" alloys currently on, but i want to change them to 18" i'm having an issue with finding some because the front width of the wheel is smaller than the back? If anyone could give me some advice on wheel size for the CLC or a place where I could get a set please some help...
  11. JensH

    W124 E280 '95 Estate, Alloys...

    First Aid Wheels in NW6 have my original 15" alloys for refurbishment and fitting of a new set of tyres (Michelin Energy Saver GRNX MO), and kindly lent me these... !!! AMG 18" with Michelin 245/40 ZR 18s... Very, very, noisy, hard ride, and, surprisingly, rather imprecise in the steering...
  12. A

    MY W124 Coupe wheels need new bolts, can anybody help????

    I just upgraded the alloys on my w124 coupe from the standard 8 hole 15 inch to the 16 inch versions, however the bolts wont fit the new wheels as they're not long enough. Does anybody know the length of bolts i require, and where possibly i might be able to get them in london?? Ive been told...
  13. A

    Buying Alloys?

    Hello. Ok, this is my first post so apologies if it's in the wrong place. basically i want to buy some new alloys for my c250, the standard ones look too much like a business mans car... can anyone recommend an online store or physical store in the yorkshire area? and what sort of things...
  14. N

    Big Hello to all MB forum users,

    Hi All, wonder if someone out there has knowledge on if the 19 inch w218 5 spoke amg alloys fit on a w219, I have a w219 with original 19 inch wheel and air suspension upgrade and I am feed up with replacing and repairing cracked alloys , I wonder if it is possible for me to fit the later models...
  15. A

    QUICK ADVICE NEEDED - AMG replicas from eBay - to buy or not to buy??

    Hi guys, I need a very quick advice from you (the auction finishes today). I am looking for a set of alloys for the winter with tyres already fitted. I found these on eBay and they seem to be a good deal...
  16. T

    NEW MEMBER & Merc Owner

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2004 C 180K SE (W203) Coupe in Burnt Orange. It's a step up from my 1.2 VW Polo. I am here to get advice and help on minor improvements I can do to my vehicle. Look forward to hearing from everyone. x
  17. N


    Hi All, Just thought Id introduce myself as I am MB club member. new to this so not too sure how to use it. Just picked up Mercedes CLK 220 CDI in silver 2005. only covered 70,000 M Got few questions. it has got standard 17" alloy wheels. F 225/45/17 R 245/40/17 and I would like...
  18. W

    C63 wheels for my....diesel !

    Hi all, I know there have been lots of threads re: wheel fitments, and to those in the know sorry for asking again ! But, I have found a set of C63 replica wheels that I really want to treat myself to. I have a C320 CDI (57 Plate) which currently has standard 17" wheels. I'm not too sure...
  19. W

    Wheel ET

    I appreciate there is alot of wheel info on the site but could someone tell me if I have got the right end of the stick please? If I had two sets of alloys 1) 17" Offset 54mm 2) 16" 45mm Offset and I replaced the 17" with the 16" would the wheel now be 10mm further from the car wheel arch...
  20. H

    Wheel changes....W211

    I'm in the vinegar strokes of buying an E320CDI Estate (2007/W211) AV (hopefully!!) but short list also has a SPORT variant. I'm in two minds about the 18 inch wheels from both a ride quality/pothole risk and tyre cost perspective. Can I change the wheels to 17 or 16 inch alloys? Advice...

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