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  1. PaulG

    Bluetooth adaptor with Audio 20

    Hi Has anyone used this with their Audio 20 head unit in a W211? I would like to use something like this and keep the original head unit.
  2. M

    Audio 20 6 CD Replacment

    Hi all, I hope you’re keeping well. My current audio 20 6 CD (NTG 4.5 6CD) player has had issues recently. I’m looking to replace the part with the same systems from sellers on eBay. These systems however seem to have different part numbers. My current systems part number is a2049009314. I...
  3. belongabob

    Audio 20 and USB media

    Been having a strange issue when trying to play songs from a USB stick in my C200 Sport. All songs are MP3 encoded and will play, the issue is trying to sort through the lists either by Album, Folder or Artist, etc. The system just loops reading the track titles - continuously. I’ve done a...
  4. M

    Which SD card gps for 2019 C300

    I have 2019 C300 no GPS. I have bought 4 different SD cards off EBay and none worked. I have wide screen but says I need audio 20. How do I know if I have audio 20? I hate dealer so if you know which numbered card I need. I love you. I do use Car Play but my new $1200 iPhone is broken now...
  5. M

    3rd MB Wanted C43 but Got C300 :(

    Hey all you MB people. HELP!! I have had 9 BMWs and 4 Mercedes. I wanted C43 and dealer talked me into a 2019 C300. It is quick for sedan but not for me. I live in Portland OR. Do not buy from Mercedes Benz of Portland, Beaverton much better. How do I know if I have audio 20? The car...
  6. A

    USB for my Vito Cab?

    Hi all, Just purchased a 2013 Vito taxi with a standard Audio 20 with Aux in glovebox (no media interface plug). I would like to add a USB option to this. The aux is active as I'm able to see this when I press the CD button, however the cheap aux>>USB adapter I bought doesn't seem to work...
  7. F

    W204: Another 'No Sound' problem

    Hello, New forum member here. I shall post an introduction soon. I thought I would start a new thread as every other appears slightly different. My W204 C320 CDI has the Audio 20 head unit with Harman-Kardon option. One Saturday, I drove to the shops listening to the radio as I went. On the...
  8. T

    New owner of used W205

    Well, After a few questions on the forum and deciding whether to go ahead, I finally got it. Nov 2014 W205 C220 Bluetec AMG line. Thanks to Jaguar taking so long to deliver a new XF I had to wait for a couple of extra months before getting a mate's end of lease C220D. After taking delivery I...
  9. G

    Hi - just joined forum

    Hi, I just joined the forum. I posted re : No Sat Nav or BT Audio on Audio 20. Hope someone out there can help?
  10. C

    Audio 20 dab option has disappeared

    Hello all, newbie here. 2 days ago my becker map pilot has stopped being recognised on my audio 20 unit. When I press the nav button it just says "no navigation", ive tried unplugging the unit in the glove box and making sure its seated in the cradle correctly but nothing works. I tried a reset...
  11. P

    Audio 20 and Garmin Map Pilot Issues

    I've searched the user manuals, searched forums and tried to get information from MB itself, but getting nowhere. I have numerous issues with both my Garmin Map Pilot and Audio 20, so lets start with the audio. As MP3 is slowly drifting towards being a museum exhibit, though one would hardly...
  12. J

    Hi Guys!! W204 issues!!

    Hi guys new here!! Seems like everyone is a helpful bunch! Has anyone tried to use Spotify through the cable in their Car through a 30 pin to lighting adaptor??? Just wondering if anyone's made it work, I have the smaller 5 inch screen Thanks guys!!!
  13. bertg

    Apple Car Play

    Good Afternoon, I have a W246 2013 with the Audio 20 Media Interface add on from the factory. According to my local MB dealer Apple Car Play isn't available.. Surely as it's only software can anyone out there shed any light on this please. Cheers
  14. S

    iPod/USB audio has stopped working from UMI

    I have a 2007 C200K Estate with the Universal Media Interface fitted. This has been working fine until yesterday, when the audio stopped working from iPod and USB sources. The audio from the navigation function is still working as is the audio from the Audio 20's CD changer and radio...
  15. Sentinel-R1

    Audio 20 DAB Issue

    Quick back story: Bought 2011 S204 C Class AMG Sport in late Dec from indy dealer. Took it straight to MB and registered it with them, took out service plan. Apart from the last service by the indy, the car has full main dealer history. I asked MB for a print out of the history and any...
  16. M

    Very Very Frustrated - Audio 20 is Dumb - is there nothing i can do?!!

    So i have a 2009 W204 Estate with what i'm told is a base model Audio 20 Unit, no Navi, only 4 buttons on the steering wheel and a Aux in the glovebox. Comand tells me there's nothing that can be done unless i spend around £2000+ converting it to a command system. I look at the screen and...
  17. G

    DAB Option on Audio 20 has disappeared

    Hi, I have a C Class Estate 2008 W204 C 200 CDI that has just gone through the 100K mileage barrier and I'm still not bored of it. Hopefully, I'll get another 100K out of it. However, a few months ago the DAB radio option on my Audio 20 system 'disappeared'. I can still cycle around the radio...
  18. S

    W211 Audio 20 Upgrade

    Hi I have been offered a replacement (newer) AUDIO 20 unit to replace my existing standard unit without phone capability. It is a NTG 2.5 with Bluetooth; part number A211 870 58 95 - MF2820. Am I correct in thinking this is a direct replacement? Ideally I would also like the telephone...
  19. roop_the_loop

    Getting album cover art to show

    I don't know if this will help anyone, but if it's not relevant to you then just skip to the next thread. Alternatively this may already be obvious to you, in which case ditto. But I've just discovered this so thought I'd share it at least. :) The display on my Audio20 has a placeholder for...
  20. M

    W164 Audio 20 -> Comand Upgrade

    SO, I just purchased a Comand APS NTG2.5 unit from eBay (yes, I know :neutral:) - and am a bit worried that I'll run into difficulty installing it. I have a 2009 ML 320CDI with an Audio 20 + Bluetooth phone (no CD changer or Amp or anything) Does anyone have any tips for installing? Things...

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