1. M

    2010 E350 CDI Cooling Fan Issue

    Hi all. Apologies for my first post being such a long one but I am hoping somebody on here may be able to help me with the latest problem on my car. It is a 2010 E350 CDi Estate and i have an issue with the cooling fan. I have been through all the other cooling fan posts on here but can’t find...
  2. Teutonic77

    Hot Hot Hot ECU!!!!!

    Hi this summer is proving to be a sizzler!! and so it seems is my Engine ECU and gearbox ECU When the vans running they are both getting very hot!! Can barely hold on to them .. I can't believe they are ment to get this hot? They have no heat transfer fins built into their cases and i don't see...
  3. G

    W221 airconditioning compressor replacement with newer type unit

    Hi I am wondering if its possible to fit the new late 2008 type compressor onto a 2007 model S500. My local guy says yes but I know the clutch is different. I also remember when you carry out the telematic update you have to tick which type of compressor is installed. Anyone have this issue?
  4. jeremy156

    2010 W212 E350 CDI OM642 - cooling fan running

    Hi all, I'm sometimes noticing that the radiator cooling fan is running at the end of a run when I wouldn't expect it. I don't know whether it's running throughout - I just notice it as I slow enough to hear/notice it. This has been on perfectly normal warm-ish days (16-18 degrees C) with...
  5. C

    Towing - Cooling confusion!

    Hi I've a W212 2012 E220CDI Automatic Estate , and we're looking to tow a caravan max laden weight of 1500kg (just under the 85% kerbweight). Max towing limit for this car is 2100kg according to the manual. I'm getting an aftermarket towbar, but asked Merc if any additional cooling was...
  6. R

    Cooling Fan comes on when car started

    Hi All, Im new to this so please bear with me. Mercedes W203 2001 C180 Classic Recently the cooling fan came on when the car was started and comes on every time the car is started and doesn't stop till its switched off. I have had the car checked by a garage and they changed the fan & the...
  7. K

    W124 230CE M102.982 over heating

    I am having trouble with over heating when stalled. I have read some post regarding the same problem, and the solution seems to be the thermo switch on top of the engine (2 pin red connector). My problem is that when I short the wires (to test if the magnet fan is working ) the fuse blows. Is...
  8. B

    Coolant System Warning Message (2nd try)

    Hi there, it's me again. Still with the same problem. I have a W220 S430 1999 model and a "Coolant System - Visit Workshop" warning message appears on my console dash and the temperature climbs up as high as 100c. I've asked the forum for advice a while ago and was advised to check the Fan Unit...
  9. W

    Thermostat W169

    Has anyone changed a thermostat and/or Temperature on A Class A150 W169 2005 on series and can advise on the job DIY please? Have noticed that the tepmerature is not always going as high as it used to to what used to be a standard reading after a short distance, wonder if the stat is sometimes...
  10. rx6180

    Any way to test out the cooling fan module?

    My car is a 1999 W202 C200 and I'm confused as to whether my radiator cooling fan module is working properly or not. Last week on a warm sunny day, stuck in town traffic I got the feeling that my temp gauge needle had crept a little higher than normal with no effort from my cooling fan. Back...
  11. balge59

    Viscous fan clutch -overcooling?

    Hi bit confused about my 300TD cooling.... never had a Diesel before so not sure what's normal! Car seems to take forever to warm up compared to my 230TE! Tested the coolant sensor, seems fine so I'm going to replace the thermostat, although apparently it was replaced a couple of years...
  12. M

    Problem with 190E

    Hello i am not sure if i am in the correct forum but i hope someone can help. My fan was not working and the car overheated if running at a stand still. I tested bridged the connection on the thermo switch with the ignition on and the clutch engaged. however whilst doing this i noticed 2 pipes...
  13. A

    C180 Overheating

    My first Merc is a 1997 C180, had it about a week now and in general all is well with it, it's been a bit neglected previously and i have fixed a small number of minor faults. I have covered about 500 miles in it and it cruises up the motorway just fine, temp gauge sits about 80 or just...
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