1. A

    Key fob not locking/unlocking car

    Hi, First time posting. As mentioned above, neither of my key fobs are working (they were fine a couple of days ago). I have 2. I have tried replacing the batteries in one of the keys. Still no luck. The IR seems to be working (I can see a light through my camera and whilst temperamental...
  2. MBnewbie123

    W204 - C Class - snib does not go up or down

    Hi, Hopefully, someone can help me with this. I have a 2008 C Class (W204) and the snib (the button that can be pressed down to lock the door) in the front passenger door is not going up or down when the central locking system is activated. Can someone tell me what is causing this? And...
  3. M

    Mercedes 2004 c180 Kompressor Saloon Remote issue

    I have a problem with my remote: it doesn't lock or unlock the car eventhough it locks or unlocks once pointed to the IR on the door handle. I have just bought the car recently from a trader and they weren't honest about about car. They told me that just the battery in the remote needs changing...
  4. T

    Flat Battery, can't open vehicle

    Hi, Just returned today from 6 weeks away, and went to start car, but battery is completely flat. Key, and spare, both indicate that they are sending signals, but doors do not unlock. When I look through the window at the dashboard, I see that the clock has stopped. Tried the emergency (blade)...
  5. Eric Price

    W203 Randomly Unlocking and Locking Doors

    Hello, This is my first post in the forums although I have been lurking for several weeks. I have a problem on my '06 W203 C-Class (180K saloon) regarding some weird locking issues and I hope that somebody else has had a similar problem to mine and been able to solve it. When I first...
  6. H

    W203 Bouncing door lock - springs replaced but still bouncing

    Hi guys, I've been suffering with the infamous bouncing door lock with machine gun sound effects for 5 years. I replaced the springs a couple of years ago, but my left side lock started bouncing again a few weeks later and I've lived with it ever since. I assumed the springs had failed again...
  7. Grotbag

    CLK 209 No electrics and blade not working

    Hi all you helpful lot. My CLK was completely dead this morning. I cannot open the doors even. I have tried the spare key. Clearly an electric or battery issue. Problem is I cannot get into the car. I have tried the Blade but it doesn't 'pop' the lock. The car is 13 years old and the lock has...
  8. S

    CLK Boot Lock Issues - Solution 200 Compressor Convertible

    Hi all, I've searched high and low for a solution to what seems to be a common issue with Mercedes CLK boot locks. I bought my CLK Convertible 200 Compressor (yr 2000) in February 2016 with a view to driving across Europe to a wedding in Italy in May. A week or so after getting the car home...
  9. A

    W164 ML 320 CDi 2008 - Door lock problems

    The driver's side door lock stopped working in my ML some months ago. It does not work with either the central locking or auto lock on movement of the vehicle. It has to be manually locked and released. Now the rear door on the same side has the same problem! I have been quoted £1000 at the...
  10. C

    CL500 drivers seat rattling

    Hi all, Just bought my first MB and have some issues. I picked up a secondhand W reg CL500 on 120k miles for what I'm hoping is a bargain, however there are a couple of things that may prove an expensive fix. Nb the car has black leather interior in vvgc, no apparent corrosion, is dead...
  11. M

    ML Boot not locking

    My 2009 ML 350 boot is not fully locking when closing the car boot. This results in being unable to open the boot, without first having to open via the "over ride" switch in the back door. The fob opens and closes the boor door ok, but sounds like it is having difficulty closing the lock...
  12. cappsie

    Changing S320 W220 locking sequence

    Quick one: what is the button sequence on the key fob to change from driver's side only to all doors open and vice versa? Thanks :D
  13. R

    Remote only works an inch away

    Hi guys, this is my first post so please excuse me if I don't get this spot on. I recently bought a 2001 c200 coupe. Fantastic car! It's got a nice blackish purpleish colour too! However there is a problem with the remote or the sensor of something. It only locks when I point the remote...
  14. L

    Problem with Passanger Door Lock - Mirror & Window Not Woring

    Hello, Im new to the forum and Just wondered wether somebody would be able to help me on this as Im not the most technically minded. and this is not an abvious fault. The problem is where the Passangers door on my 2006 Mercedes CLK 220 CDI Avantgarde Automatic Model: C209. The...
  15. rx6180

    Boot lock failed on old W202

    This morning my boot lock failed. Chucked something in the boot, went to the shops, then the boot wouldn't open when I got there. At first, I could hear the whirring of the servo (or whatever) when I pulled the internal release switch, and also if I pressed the external boot button with all four...
  16. G

    A180 Driver's door not locking

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and also a 1st time Mercedes owner, so sorry if this has been repeated before. My car is a 2006 A180. I have noticed that when I lock the car with the central locking fob the interior buttons all go down and all the doors except the driver's door actually fully...
  17. T

    W210 central locking issues

    Hi guys, Just bought a 1997 E230 Elegance :D It's got a few wee things that need sorted out. It only came with the emergency key, the one with no buttons. My question is, when I unlock the drivers door with the metal key should the other doors unlock too? I have noticed that once I am in...
  18. M

    W203 boot won't open

    The boot won't open on my w203 2001 C220. Is there anyone who can help me assess what's going on? Yesterday I went to open the boot, using the handle on the boot in the usual way. The usual whirring sound happened (sounds like an electric motor) but the click that usually follows didn't...
  19. F

    Jammed lock cylinder 190E Please help

    Hey new here... I have an 1990 Mercedes 190E sportline. I have got the common problem with the lock jamming, key wont turn at all to the NR 1 position..:( Its really frustrating. I know a guy who used to be a mercedes mechanic. He told me the only way is too keep turning the key and...
  20. Z

    C200 Kompressor Issues

    We have a C200 Coupe Kompressor (03 plate) First problem is the Dash is alerting to a SRS Failure (Air bag and Seatbelt Explosives?) Is there any things we can try to see whats causing the fault? We tried a Free Diagnostic On it (digimoto) but didnt find a fault with it Is it a case of a fault...

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