1. H

    Adding double din Apple CarPlay unit to facelift (2007) W203 C Class

    I’ve seen a couple of threads about adding a Apple CarPlay unit to the W203, I’ve found the below: My 203 has the standard radio...
  2. S

    DAB poor reception, how to add external aerial on C43

    The DAB reception on my 2018 C43 convertable is very poor and cuts on/off all the time whilst driving in different areas due to lack of signal strength. The Mercedes dealer says that there is nothing wrong with the car and Comand radio unit, and adds that most Mercedes cars have poor DAB...
  3. PaulG

    AM Radio Reception advice needed

    Hi everyone My E240 uses the rear window heater as an aerial but unfortunately the AM reception is poor. So as far as I can see I can buy a new radio unit that has DAB or live with it as it is. I was just wanting to hear from others who may have experience or knowledge of this. - Will DAB...
  4. PaulG

    Radio Gaga

    When I start up my car the speakers make a deep toned beeping noise, the kind you would hear with a bluetooth connection. While the Audio 20 does have the phone buttons on it the car did not come with the bluetooth phone adaptor that is normally in the arm rest. Any ideas what the tone maybe? I...
  5. FBF

    W221 radio upgrades?

    Well it would seem my s63 has the dreaded amp rot, stereo and phone options say unavailable and despite how beautiful the car sounds im missing mr vine, its got so bad im even missing the awfully annoying Zoe ball!! So i dont want to invest in a new kardon amp, is there any other aftermarket...
  6. M

    Citan Radio Headunit

    Anyone know the wiring diagrams for the headunit on a citan 2016. Trying to install a android headunit but can’t figure out which wires connect to what. Images of the headunit here
  7. M

    2007 C220 CDI iPod connector

    Hi, today I have just been bequeathed a low mileage immaculate 2007 C220 CDI (a W203 I think). It has the iPod connector in the glove box. I want to get an aftermarket DAB/Bluetooth radio unit so I can listen to DAB stations as well as play music and receive phone calls from my iPhone via...
  8. J

    New Member HELP on CL55 2001

    Car was fine when picked up in February, everything was working on the journey home. Have had it parked up for 4 months, the battery went flat from not being used. Put a new battery on yesterday 1/6/20 and have now lost, radiator fan, central locking, key chip not recognised, no movement on...
  9. J

    2007 S500 MP3/Radio not working most of the time - repair options ?

    Hi, I've owned a 2007 S500 for the last five years. Over the last few months, the MP3/Radio has packed up and now only rarely comes on intermittently. It was working fine before. The GPS is fine, so it's just the MP3/Radio unit. I spoke to the garage who services the car for me and they told...
  10. O

    S350/2003- command unit not turning on at all

    I have a Mercedes S-class 2003 3.7l and a few days a go I replaced the rear air suspensions and a new compresses aswell. Once the battery was reconnected the air suspension sign pop up on the dash board but when raising and lowering the car it works perfectly fine. But driving over speed humps...
  11. G

    E350 (A207) Central locking radio antenna fuse keeps blowing

    I have a 2013 E350 convertable and the central locking will not work via the radio signal allthough the IR is working fine. I have changed the fuse and it has failed again very quickly. My Guess is that there is a connection problem with the central locking radio antenna. Can anyone advise:-...
  12. M


    Hello i recently bought a C Class C220 but i want DAB radio, is there any easy way in doing this or do i need to replace the radio and how would that work with the screen at the top?
  13. C

    Connecting phone to bluetooth

    Hi all, I've just bought a 2008 CLC 1.8 Kompressor and am trying to connect my phone inside so that i can make and receive calls. I have something in the middle of the centre console which takes a sim card. i have ordered a pay as you go sim and stuck that in there but nothing is happening. I...
  14. X

    2008 S320 cdi Weird Radio Issue

    Hello I'm new to the forum and MB so please be kind :) I was hoping someone could help I have purchased a 2008 S320Cdi all was well for a couple of months then the Radio wouldn't work in the sense that is makes a pulsing sound of the station its on.. after either a few miles or even...
  15. C

    Command Unit Issues

    My name is Carol and I am new to the Forum. I have joined in the hope to try and get some information/assistance with a few issues that I am having with my S Class. In January it began loosing the radio stations in all areas not just on the motorway. When I took it into Mercedes Benz they...
  16. E

    C204 DAB radio problem

    Hi everybody. Was just after a bit of advice as i have searched google high and low without a definite answer. I have a 2012 C220 CDI, and as far as i know its the command standard radio cd changer unit (everything except sat nav). Recently i have been a problem with the DAB radio which seems...
  17. A

    E Class 2014 DAB Radio Signal Problems FIXED

    Hey, Wanted to give some advice regarding DAB Radio signal problems you may be experiencing as I have been. Have seen on older posts before many people experienced this with Mercedes DAB. Having purchased my 2014 E Coupe (Facelift) Mercedes a few months back, I had noticed that the DAB...
  18. Wheel

    Mercedes DAB fitment lagging behind BMW, Audi, the car sector in general

    This morning I was at the Radio Digital Countdown conference in London. The SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders) released some data overnight that revealed 74.1% of cars sold in the UK in Q3 this year came with DAB as a standard fit. Anyway, at the conference we saw a slide showing...
  19. F17RUK

    Radio doesn't turn off

    Hi Guys I was playing a CD while driving parked up at Tesco, when i got back to the car the light was on but no sound, anyways i got home and when i turned off the car the light still remains on again no sound. i tried starting and switching off the car a few times no luck. so the light of...
  20. S

    New antenna install - old car - worth getting a DAB for future proofing?

    Hello I've had a great deal of trouble with my roof mounted antenna since about last year. I think its time for a replacement now, and instead of simply swapping the mast, I think a new cable is in order. I've been told that a good quality antenna will come with a matched cable - and in order...
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