1. Steve Mack

    W447 Vito 3rd brake light removal

    All, I am trying to replace the high level tailgate brake light on my Mercedes Vito (2017 - W447) but cannot find any inf. on-line re. removal of housing assy. I think it may pop out if I gently prise it away from body but don’t wish to damage it should it be held secure by a bolt. Has anyone...
  2. G

    W213 Coupe Rear Emblem Removal

    Hi guys, I'm going to be collecting my W213 E coupe soon, very excited!!! I'm looking at purchasing a black rear mercedes emblem to install on the back of the car. However, I cant find anywhere (videos or other threads) that shows how to remove just the star off the rear camera cover unit...
  3. D

    Mercedes c class w204 dual-zone climate control

    Hi guys, so I’ve seen a few people with the w204 c class have replaced the dual zone climate control panel with the dials to the digital one from the E class. I have finally managed to get hold of the E class control unit and know that it is a straight swap plug and play. However, I don’t have...
  4. Razor Burns

    rear side window outer aluminium trim removal, any advice appreciated.. 280ce

    I am just about to work on my 280ce specifically any advice on removal of aluminum outer trim rear side window without damage, tips, clues, screws n glues.. would be appreciated.
  5. Razor Burns

    How do i remove wiper / cowel vents merc w123

  6. G

    How do I remove front plate holder? (W205)

    I have a 2016 C Class Coupe. The front number plate holder has dented where someone has reversed into the front of my car so I need to replace it. I’ve taken the plate off, removed the screws in the plate holder, but it still won’t remove. I’ve unclipped the parts at the bottom that clip into...
  7. B

    A45 AMG Bonet Badge Removal?

    Hi, Recently purchased a 2013 A45 AMG, just bought a few bits for it and one of which is the “AMG Affalterbach Bonet Badge”. Now the problem is removing the original Mercedes Badge as it’s not actually attached to the Bonet so can’t just open and release from underneath and also had the...
  8. T

    How do I remove Front Driver Wing Panel on a W204 [C220]?

    Anyone know or have a guide to how to remove the Front driver wing of a Mercedes W204 C220 (2012)?
  9. L

    R230 SL500 Rear Quarter Window Removal

    Does anyone have any info / documents regarding the removal of a rear quarter window on an SL500 (R230)? Final part of window closure not working, there seems to be quite a bit of play in the passenger side rear quarter window, I've tried resetting the windows etc.., but it still won't go all...
  10. S

    W220 how to remove driver's seat when motor is dead

    Hi, I took my W220 to my specialist of choice as the driver's seat had stopped moving forward & back. They couldn't get to the motor to test it but got a diag code (£50) to say the middle motor hall sensor was not responding. (I have checked the relevant fuses) The reason they...
  11. N

    R Class (W251) front bumper removal

    Hi All I'm Neil, new to the site and was hoping someone might be able to help. Can anyone advise or point me in the right direction for some guidance on how to remove the front bumper on my 2006 R Class. Many thanks Neil
  12. F

    W211 - front driver seat belt replacement

    Hello All My f/o seat belt is fraying and probably won't pass the next MOT, having given it a shave twice already. It's on a W211 270 Saloon 2003. What are the steps for removing and replacing the seatbelt unit. I've had a quick search and the nearest I found was the removal of the B...
  13. N

    CLC rattle in tailgate area driving me mad !

    There is a rattle coming from the tailgate area of my CLC every time I go over a bump that is driving me mad ! I have already taken off some of the trim to the top and sides of the rear window glass and used double sided adhesive foam pads to try and stop various items from moving, but still...
  14. F

    ML320 W164 injector return line clip removal

    Hi all, I would like to have introduced myself before posting but I'm in the middle of a DIY and I could do with a little help! My ML320 W164 has had a leaking injector for a while and I've finally got around to making a start on fixing it... However, the simplest of things has stopped me...
  15. L

    CLK W208 driver door panel removal?

    The metal hinge/bar ( stops the door from opening to far ) broke in two, prior owners repair. this metal arm has now fallen inside the door and is stopping the window from opening fully. I need to remove the panel and the the metal arm from inside. Question: tools required, will screw driver...
  16. C

    e320 Rear Axle shaft removal.

    Hi there, Hope this is in the right section, I did search extensively and couldn't find any specifics, so apologies if this is a duplication. I have recently had an issue with ABS ESP errors, resulting from rear left ABS sensor. After changing the sensor (upon eventually removing the old one...
  17. C

    Removing the W203 Wing Mirror Casing

    Removing the W203 Wing Mirror Casing Make: Mercedes Model: C220 CDi Body Type: W203 Transmission: Automatic 1. Push the mirror towards the back of the car firmly. It feels like it shouldn’t be pushed but it does. 2. Try to push as far as you can, I used my body weight to hold it back as it...
  18. A

    Remove Radio/Vents B-Class

    Hi guys Started doing quite a bit to the B now and really need to get the Radio out to add an Aux cable. I've looked on Mercupgrades but am really unsure where I need to put the pulling hooks and what to do with them to get the top vents out - it's all a bit vague. I can see 2 metal tabs...
  19. nicensleazy

    Question About W208 Dashboard Replacement

    I have a crack in the dashboard of my 230CLK which as you can see in the picture runs from the recessed part of the airbag cover up onto the dasboard top. It's obviously been caused by excessive sun and heat during its 13 year life and I am led to believe it is quite a common occurence. I...
  20. J

    Crank position sensor removal

    i am trying to replace the Crank position sensor on my 1998 E55,. after a struggle i got out the single tork bolt which holds the sensor in place,. Great i thought,.the hard job done,.i went to pull out the sensor only to find that it would not move and it seems to be seized solid in...

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