1. L

    Bluetooth not working at all

    Hi, I am new to the forum, so firstly nice to meet you all! I have bought a Mercedes C250 CDI (2011) today, everything works great on the car, except for the bluetooth; I cannot get it to even register as a thing on my phone (Android), or another phone (IOS). I have used the "reset" option on...
  2. Pipemaster

    Bluetooth SL350 2006 connecting to smartphone SAP version?

    Hi I have been away from here for a while (sorry to see Television has passed away) but have bought an SL350 and i want to connect a bluetooth mobile to it. I bought a Cradle Adapter for the UHI connector in the armrest from Ebay SAP v2 SLR B67875840 PEIKER and i am having trouble getting it to...
  3. M

    2007 C220 CDI iPod connector

    I bought one of these from eBay as suggested (Genuine Mercedes A001827004 Media Interface) Unfortunately, it didn't connect to my iPod lead in the glove box (which was factory fitted). It was completely the wrong plug. So, I then bought one of the these ....3.5mm AUX Audio Jack Cable to 30 Pin...
  4. M

    2007 C220 CDI iPod connector

    Hi, today I have just been bequeathed a low mileage immaculate 2007 C220 CDI (a W203 I think). It has the iPod connector in the glove box. I want to get an aftermarket DAB/Bluetooth radio unit so I can listen to DAB stations as well as play music and receive phone calls from my iPhone via...
  5. T

    Ready for Bluetooth telephony (no telephone authorised)

    Hi all, I've recently bought a B Class Mercedes second hand and was excited to be able to connect my iphone xr to the onboard computer for phone calls, music etc. However, I've tried eveything I can think of to connect via bluetooth but all i get is the above message. I can't scroll on the...
  6. S

    Mercedes Sprinter Bluetooth

    Hello. Im new in here so im gonna start with my problem. I just bought a mercedes sprinter SWB 2012 2.1. It have Bluetooth, i i can connect my phone for calls, but i can't find anything for media. It is possible to have Bluetooth just for calling? Also,i if possible to check if i have it...
  7. R

    No signal - Bluetooth connection

    So I've changed phone recently, to a new android phone and have a problem with the bluetooth connection. The phone pairs fine, but the car shows it as having no signal, even though it does. Anyone ever seen this before? Worked entirely fine with my last phone.
  8. K

    Media skipping artwork

    Hi all, I'm a new user, so hi! was looking for help with playing music through bluetooth. My 19 plate a class 180 has recently started skipping art work for songs. The song playing will match what is playing on apple music on my phone, but the artwork is on the next song scheduled on shuffle...
  9. D

    new member

    I have just registered membership and I'm looking forward to reading and chatting. One thing someone may be able to help me with; I can connect my iPhone with the command system each time I start the car, the problem is I have to do this each time. My previous cars, Lexus, Volvo would auto...
  10. S

    adding DAB w211 2004

    Hi all, Trying to figure out the best way to add DAB to my w211.I like the standard factory fitted Comand system. So have been looking at DAB adapters. Not trying to sound to picky but not really up for anything on the dash unless its subtle and definitely don't want a cigarette lighter power...
  11. AnthonyUK

    Sanity check - COMAND 2.0 cable with bluetooth on AUX

    I appreciate I'm around a decade behind but any input would be greatly appreciated. I have all the parts for changing the audio 10 unit to a COMAND 2.0 which I want mainly for AUX in. The converter cable looks OK but I think the AUX in is incorrect. According to the pinouts on the net it...
  12. J

    Iphone 8 Bluetooth problems

    Hi there, upgraded my IPhone to an 8 and IOS11. Phone connects to command alright but Bluetooth connection drops out ever minute or so and re-connects. Extremely annoying and affects the Sat Nav traffic. Also seems to happen with my Mercedes-me adaptor. Only started with the new Phone. Apple...
  13. C

    Connecting phone to bluetooth

    Hi all, I've just bought a 2008 CLC 1.8 Kompressor and am trying to connect my phone inside so that i can make and receive calls. I have something in the middle of the centre console which takes a sim card. i have ordered a pay as you go sim and stuck that in there but nothing is happening. I...
  14. TechnoWhizz

    OBD2 Error Code P4010 or 410 Secondary Air Injection System W163

    Hi Everyone, Just got a little Bluetooth OBD2 unit to try on my W163 ML500 (03). All works fine (within its capability) but it comes up repeatedly with this P4010 code. I do occasionally get a sluggishness from the engine under load, and now the little unit is attached and paired with my phone...
  15. M

    W245 Mobile Phone Bluetooth not Pairing

    Hello, The mobile phone bluetooth connection on my B Class has stopped working - I recently changed mobile providers and have new sim card and since then I cna't get my phone to pair with the bluetooth unit. I was wondering if the original bluetooth connection password was linked to a specfic...
  16. D

    Samsung Galaxy S6 won't connect via BT

    Just got a 2006 C class C230 with just about all the bells and whistles, including Comand sat nav, and a hoopy little bluetooth gadget in the central storage area. No idea what it does, but it has a Mercedes badge on it and flashing blue light, so probably makes the car faster..... My problem is...
  17. M7JDP

    E350 Saloon w212 2010 Bluetooth

    I have recently changed to a w212 e350 with comand and I can only get the Bluetooth to work with the phone for telephone calls on my iPhone 7. I was wondering if there was a way to upgrade the system or change some settings to enable audio to stream. Many thanks in advance John
  18. D

    Connecting to Phone with Bluetooth

    Hi I have a 2009 CLC. How do I connect my phone to the car!? It says 'tel bluetooth ready' but I can't seem to figure out what to do after that. The manual doesn't seem to say either. Thanks.
  19. M

    R230 Options for radio / sat nav upgrade

    Hi Just bought a 2005 SL500, lovely car! Sad to see the SLK go. Surprised I have no aux in - in glove box, etc. I have a phone in the centre console, cd changer & sat nab unit in boot. There is no aux option in command menus. So pretty poor in this day and age for iPhones, etc. I...
  20. A

    Hi. New and proud owner of a 58plate sclass. Bluetooth issues

    I am having some issues connecting my galaxy s7ed to my sclass. It says it's recognised and connected but there is no connection to my phone. Is there a software update needed for my car? Thanks in advance Alex

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