1. S

    Soft brakes issue

    Hello all got a 2006 sprinter 2.2cdi Replaced pads and callipers got stuck Replaced callipers Bled the whole system Brakes were still spongy but only with engine on Just replaced the master cylinder and bled it pedal still sinks with engine on only Engine off pedal stays solid...
  2. L

    W204 Rear disc not going back on

    Hi Everyone, Recently decided to fit new discs, pads and shoes to my 2011 C220 W204 but I'm having trouble with the O/S rear disc. I stripped down ok and popped in new shoes, installed new springs to hold shoes in place and the springs to pull the shoes together however when attempting to fit...
  3. A

    Brake wear sensors

    Evaning all, i am about to replace my pads, disks and wear sensors but have ran into a problem. On some of the popular car part sites i can't seem to find rear brake pad wear sensors. Is this becans the sensor is universal and fits into front and rear or can anyone give me a heads up were to...
  4. P

    Blue sensor on front brake

    Hi all Had loud squealing and loud clang from front wheel last night. Assuming just a stone caught between disk and guard. However I noted that there is a blue sensor one driver side front brake only. What is it and is it correct that only on one front wheel? just interested thanks
  5. Roman Pylyuk

    ABS and ESP Currently Inoperative. Power steering turns off

    Got a 2009 Mercedes S550 4Matic. Everything was good with it no prior shaking, damage, weird noises, then I start the car and start driving and I see the message pop up (ABS & ESP currently unavailable) also the power steering turns off and it gets hard to turn the wheel. The only thing prior to...
  6. Skyholder

    Brakes Replacement Again!!! 2016 S550

    I have had to get brakes and rotors changed on my 2016 S550 twice on front and back since I had car, Is this a known problem? No, I'm not abusing my brakes
  7. motocod

    W211 rear brakes replacement

    Hi Folks, Im looking to fit new rear discs and pads on my 2005 E270. I assume I can disable the brake assist thing by simply disconnecting the battery? Otherwise it all looks quite straightforward. Sorry for such a basic question! Thanks, Nik
  8. A

    Brakes Sound W205 Coupe

    Hey all, I’m getting this brake sound at very very low speeds (coming to a standstill, parking maneouvres and switching from P to D and R). The pads and discs are fine. Any ideas on what it might be or is it normal sound from the pads still in contact with the discs while moving? Thanks!
  9. H

    BAS/ESP BIG problem

    Hello my friend. In my ML 320 (W163) 2001 is having a big problem. First, the history is that a friend gave it to me for free. Because he is not using it anymore and at the used-store they were giving him only 800 eur for the car.... NOTHING. . and he thought...I can make somebody happy.... and...
  10. Altamar

    Minimum pad thickness

    My story starts with the usual one of a MB dealer saying my front pads are 90% worn and in the opinion of the technician the discs should be done at the same time. That'll be the best part of £500 sir. I politely refused and have today checked the car myself. The discs are well over published...
  11. M

    Mercedes B180 Brakes

    Does anyone know off hand whether a B180 2012 has a brake pad warning light so know wnen they are getting low ?. Sorry for such a boring question.
  12. M

    Electronic hand brake caused damaged to Bakes

    Hi all, I have recently got my first Mercedes C-class 220d new and done 6000miles in it. Recently I have noticed vibrations through the brake peddle when depressed and the accelerator peddle. I am also getting it through the steering wheel. I am doing mainly motorway miles and A-roads...
  13. I

    W209 CLK 320 Brake Woes

    I've had a long standing problem with the parking brake with the foot pedal not springing back once released. It started with it not coming all the way back up and the light staying on until giving it a little help hooking a foot underneath to bring it up all the way. That developed into it only...
  14. V

    Brake pads for S600?

    Hi all Am searching for brakes for my S600 bi turbo W220. When looking at my pads there is an indent on bottom middle of the pad and looks like it has 4 brake pads each side (on the front). I couldn't find the correct pads with my reg or model but when I search S63, I found the pads straight...
  15. J

    Unusual noises when pressing brake pedal

    Hi, I have an R230 that today has started to emit a short squeal occasionally when braking. I tried braking when stationary with the engine running but in 'Park', and it still makes the noise as the pedal movement passes a certain point. If I hold it at the point where it squeals, it...
  16. N

    Brake Vacuum Pump

    Hi, I have a Mercedes S350 2010 Diesel, had a experience on Thursday where the brakes went hard and could not stop the car. Recently had a replacement brake pump fitted, Would the vacuum brake pump work if it was either a pump from a petrol or a Diesel?
  17. Dean Fletcher

    Rear Brake Pipes

    Hi guys! I'm picking my car up tomorrow for a inlet manifold issue which is hopefully sorted. He has also mentioned that my back brake pipes are corroded and need replaced. He will issue me with a quote for these. What kind of price would or should I be looking at and how long should it take. Thanks
  18. B

    Baffling E430 brake problem.

    New member. Trust I am posting in correct area. I bought a 2001 E430 three years ago. Great car. Two mots no problem. This time failed only on excessive brake pedal travel. Garage bled brakes. Worked a couple of days only. Replaced master cylinder. Tried mot. Falied same problem and they said...
  19. M

    2002 CLK500 Brake failure

    Good evening all. I have had a CLK500 for the last year, it was CAT C'd back in 2008 and put straight back on the road with all the correct paperwork. MOT'd & serviced by an Indy Merc garage 3 months ago, currently 86k on the clock. Last week whilst in the outside lane of the M25 the brakes...
  20. Hans Solo5

    280 SL 1997 North Devon New Memeber

    Hello This is my third Mercedes but my first SL, I picked up a one owner SL280 1997 with FMBSH and only 52,000 miles on the clock in great condition. Over the next few months I will be looking to change the tyres to a better grade and possibly uprated pads and discs as Im driving her to...

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