1. C

    Help!!! M276 Engine specialist needed

    Hi Everyone! I am hoping someone here can help me out with this or knows someone who can because I really am at my wit's end. For the past 6 years I've been the proud owner of a beautiful (and extremely rare) 2011 C350 V6 Petrol in Brilliant Silver with only 57000 miles (the 300+ bhp one). It...
  2. S

    C350 2013 limp mode no engine lights, no boost/turbo

    Hi, I’ve got a 2013 Mercedes c350, when I bought it it was already remapped. The problem I have is when I go on motorway drives, after about 30 mins it goes into a limp mode, but no engine lights come up, i feel as though it has cut the turbo out as the mpg and the boost decreases, i can still...
  3. D

    W204 C350cdi radiator fan issue

    Hi, new to the forum so apologies if this isn’t the correct area for my question/issue. So I’ve got this problem where the radiator fan will just come on intermittently when the car is locked, I could wake in the morning to it turning on and off, I’ve had it in with an indi specialist but not...
  4. J

    Vibration on 2010 c350

    My c350 has a vibration in mid range acceleration, it doesn't feel rattly but is really annoying. So far 2 garages have been unable to find the cause. It is possible to accelerate through the vibration, my gut feeling is that it is a drivetrain issue, but I'd be grateful for your help and ideas...
  5. C

    Leak oil line/fuel return line placement OM642

    So I foolishly snapped the plastic connector while swapping thermostat and had to get a new one of these (£90!), the old one is sandwiched on the right side underneath some injector lines and the rail. Seems like a lot of work to take all these off, any problem with running the new line over the...
  6. J

    2010 C350 no start, steering unlocked

    i've read a lot about the steering lock mechanism failing and causing (Too)many vehicles not to start and i thought that was my issue as when this first happened last night as the wheel was locked. I had it cranked all the way to the right so i could access the side marker lights (replaced with...
  7. R

    Bit of a judder when slowing C350

    So I've recently got a C350 CDI and noticed when I'm driving then slowing down, it shudders when the car gets down to 3rd, 2nd gears before stopping, not massively, but noticeably. Almost like it's about to stall if it were a manual. Normal behaviour for a Merc automatic?
  8. N

    1st time Mercedes Owner: C350/2014

    Hi all. First time owner of a Mercedes. Started out on a C Class. Currently I'm waiting to get the car serviced and MOTd. I've had the car just over a year but truth be told driven it very little. Infact only managed 247 miles in the year. Hoping that will change going forward. I'm based in...
  9. W

    Tuning a C350 Sport Ed125 Cdi

    Hi guys, I want some advice on tuning my new Mercedes which I love, I have been looking into the simple remap or a tuning chip. These apparently can get the car to around 310bhp.. Is there anything else on top of this that can be done which isn't too costly which can give me some good...
  10. allybassman

    New to Mercedes, EML on C350cdi

    Hi all! Not the first post to this forum I invisiged but oh well! I picked up my first Mercedes last night, a MY2012 C350cdi Estate. Absolutley fell in love with it on the test drive and really turned my head away from BMW! Fired the car up after completing the paperwork etc and the engine...
  11. Tony Perry

    Help! Hole near Oil cap spitting out Diesel!

    My 2010 C350 was shaking quit a lot and I decided to check under the bonnet to investigate further... that is when I found a cover had melted close to my oil cap and after I dug out the debris and cleaned it up I could then see a hole. When I turned the ignition on it started spitting diesel and...
  12. Alex Gray

    HELP C350 Decat exhaust

    Hi all, I was wondering if someone could assist on the new EML light I am having after fitting a decat to my Mercedes C350 Petrol 2012. I have purchased M18 lambda sensor spacers but I can only find size m18 and it's too small for the secondary cat sensor's. Has anyone had any experience...
  13. Jeddy

    Time to say good-bye to my C350 CDI :(

    I guess it's time to say good-bye to my 2012 C350 CDI, I'm still not convinced I'm doing the right thing, it's a stonking car, but I've put down a deposit on a used C350e now. I'm p/xing it but in case anyone here wants a bargain I've also put it on the Classifieds forum, I'm not advertising it...
  14. L

    Loud Engine Noise

    Hi all I bought a C350 d Estate and when I start the engine, it sporadically makes a loud revving noise like a motorbike is going past. It does not do it all the time, and doesn't seem to do it after any particular journey or run time. Video of sound below: If you have any ideas, please let...
  15. S

    Cost of remapping & recommendations for C350 CDI

    How much should I expect a remap for a 2010 C350 CDI Blueefficiency to cost? Who are the best/reliable mappers who give warranty as part of the package around Essex? Thanks for replies in advance
  16. S

    Question in paddle shift...(W204)

    W204 C350 paddle shift is my panic :< Hello all~ My car is 2009 W204 C350 Sport Sedan! My car is faced with the problem...... :< I installed a C63 AMG paddle shift.... Electrical signals are operating normally... However, the shift paddles do not work. :( What should i do next? SCN...
  17. W

    C350 CDI woes

    Hi all, I have just joined the forum and need to ask a couple of questions since your advice could sway the decision to keep or get rid! Issue 1 - Suspension clunk through steering wheel and peddles. both front shocks have been changed under warranty along with the bushes in the lower...
  18. B

    new to the forum and new to mercedes

    Hi everybody, I'm am looking to buy a C350d, I just wondered if anybody had any thoughts on whether it is worth shelling out the extra money for the 2012 265hp version over the 2011 231hp one? I am aware of the differences in the interior, however, I am not sure about the other...
  19. J

    C350 CDI Sport Ordered

    Hi all, I'm Jim from Staffordshire. I'm very lucky and excited to have got hold of someone's cancelled order, so the car should be with me in about two weeks. Its a white 125 Edition with quite a few options, Heated Full Leather, Harman Kardon, Command Online, Pamoranic Roof and...

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