1. T

    Crank, no start. Not getting enough fuel

    Hi, I just completed a head gasket replacement on my 1994 e320 m104. Put everything back together and it wouldn't start. I have narrowed it down to lack of fuel. If i cover the air intake in front of the MAF sensor, it turns over and tries to start but fails, or starts but immediately stalls...
  2. S

    E320 v6 one air intake capped off!?

    Hi, I have a e320 v6 (2006) , there are two air boxes/filters, if I'm looking at the engine and follow the pipes back to the front of the car the; 1. The pipe from the left air filter connects to plastic housing to the left of the rad, which let's air in as expected. 2. The pipe running from...
  3. Mr Greedy

    Vehicle WANTED - E320 CDI 2008/09

    After taking a forced and reluctant break from this forum and Mercs for 2 years, I’m seriously looking for a good quality W211 (saloon) or possible S211 (estate). I think the saloon looks way better, but estate is more practical, so swings and roundabouts. If this is in the wrong section, can a...
  4. C

    New MB owner

    Hello, I got my first Mercedes a few weeks ago, a 2007 E320 Bluetec, so I figured I would join to help with troubleshooting and gain some knowledge about my car.
  5. H

    W124 Sportline convertible - hello

    Hello all, I have joined the forum as I have a 1994 E320 convertible that, after a bit of thinking, have decided to keep. London is, as you know, introducing an emmissions zone in which my car will no longer be driveable withut paying - but as it is a sunny day car, and no-one likes driving...
  6. P

    w211 Engine mounts

    My 2004 E320 CDI has a vibration at 1500 to 2000 rpm under gentle acceleration. It's done 160k so I suspect engine mounts need replacement. I'm not planning on buying from main dealer, but see several different manufacturers available; Femi, Lemforder, Vaico etc. Also, some seem to specify left...
  7. S

    W211 2006 e320 resetting brakes - no gap between front pads and discs

    Hi, I have recently replaced all the brakes disc and pads and front wheel bearings, but after reactivating the SBC (used iCarSoft - confirmed all pressure sensors were reading around 70bar), I found that on driving the car a few meters it became obvious that the front pads were stuck on the...
  8. Smaltze

    Swapping parts between Vito w638 and E320 w210 cdi

    Hi I have recently bought a vito 112 cdi 2002. I am also breaking my beloved E320 2001. The van is great, but the interior is pretty tragic. Sofar I have taken the e320 passenger seat and mounted it as the van drivers seat which has worked great. Id love to do more swaps as the e320 interior...
  9. Fiona/Trevor

    Towing a caravan with an E320 CDi auto saloon- anyone done it?

    Hi folks We have the 2005 E320 CDi Avantgarde saloon, yes it's very powerful but not apparently heavy enough to tow the caravan we want, so we are looking at getting a smaller 'van.... I wonder how many people on here tow a caravan with this car, and how it manages, and if you've needed to fit...
  10. Smaltze

    W210 e320 01 estate facelift silver breaking

    Hello chaps, sadly it's time to move on from my 2001 S210 e320 estate which you have all helped me keep running for a few years. It has served me extremely well, but it's life has seemingly come to an end in a very sad way. I had a burst pipe not long ago, and all the coolant came out. I filled...
  11. T

    E320 Avant Garde wing mirror

    Hi there, I went to the local Mercedez garage for a new wing mirror. They wanted more than £500 for a wing mirror unit and the car only cost me that. Anyone got a used one or know of a breakers that might? Its a 1997 E320 AVANTGARDE 4DR SALOON Either just the glass or a whole unit (drivers...
  12. Smaltze

    w210 e320 atf fluid confusing level

    Ive been trying to work out my atf level. i bought an ebay dipstick but its not got set level marks on it. pic is attached. The numbers on it are every 5mm, starting from 1 which is at 10mm. I measured it cold and it was at the red line. I just measured it today after driving 200 miles and...
  13. L

    Finally Signed Up

    Greetings all. I have been a Mercedes owner for quite a number of years. I have enjoyed a '79 SL450 in yellow (just to stand out) 3 c class's the in 2003 went to a 320 e class in Cubanite silver, 2006 Iridium Silver SL350, 2007 a full house e 320 in Obsidian Black (what a car) and still on an...
  14. Smaltze

    What shall I do about my w210 rear suspension

    I've been running H&R springs all round on my w210 e320 for a couple of years now, they were fine and the car was comfy at first but it's not good now. It feels like I have about an inch of travel and no shock absorbtion atall. It's back breaking to say the least. I guess i have gotten used to...
  15. B

    E320 Coupe Auto

    Hey there I'm new to all of this stuff so sorry if something similar has been posted. I recently came into ownership of an E320 convertible and have been told it is quite rare. It has sportline badges but there is nothing to suggest this through the paperwork. I have been told it is quite rare...
  16. C

    E320 limp home mode

    Well gents, the 211 has thrown a wobbler. What I thought was a transmission problem looks to be something else. Connected the i980 up tonight and got 10 engine related DTCs. None of these are in the scanner's database so your help would be greatly appreciated in trying to pin down the problem...
  17. T

    e320 avant guarde towbar

    Hi Ive jusy got myself a 20 year old E320 and need a towbar fitting. My local mechanic says its an AMG fitting. Can anyone tell me exactly what I should be searching for? I'm looking for a used one. Thanks
  18. Smaltze

    W210 duo valve quick bodge fix

    Hi all, My duo valve has failed, it only blows hot. The umbrella things have broken and one is lost. I believe that the source of the problem though don't know for sure. I am taking the car abroad in a couple of days (yes I know it was silly to leave it until until now but I've been too...
  19. Smaltze

    w210 e320 cdi wont accelerate properly

    i made a thread about this before but id rather start a new one now that i have more detail. Car used to be fine, one day driving the problem just started. everything feels normal, kick down works, can still drive fast. triptronic works perfectly, holds the gear in and lets me rev to...
  20. E

    Does this E320 (2004 S211) have air suspension that can fail a-la-Airmatic?

    Hello, I have read here and there that S211 have rear suspension leveling, even if they don't have the airmatic option. Is that true? And if yes, does it fail like the Airmatic suspension? Is it as expensive to fix? If that is the case, it means that it is really not interesting to buy...

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