1. G

    transmission is shifting hard. w203

    if the transmission has already began to shift hard sometimes, is it worth changing oil and filter? is there hope that will save and fix the transmission? or should i change transmission? dont want to waste money, w203 200cdi 2004 automatic. changes hard when i have little to none throttle down...
  2. Marnie1105

    2017 E220d Saloon (W213) Ad Blue Issue?!

    Hi Team, So a few days ago, i got the Ad Blue alert pop that it needs to be refilled, with the 500mile count down. So I ordered x2 10litre ad blue bottles. They arrived today. I put 10ltrs in first, done the whole adblue reset thing with the ignition on/off for 30 seconds, waited about 10...
  3. B


    Hi guys, I have an A class, a200. It's been fine then today just joining the m4 a load of lights on the dash came on, abs, (P) brake warning, and a few others. (See attached pic). Even affects the power steering. Any advice much welcome.
  4. A

    Not changing up the gears.

    Hi guys. Been having quite a few problems with my car recently. (2010 Mercedes C200) A couple of weeks ago I was slowing down near a single lane bridge when the car on the other side flashed. I accelerated to go over and just as I went into the bride the car revved and all of my lights came on...
  5. G

    could use some help :)

    i have mb w203 2004 200cdi wagon that have a non digital climate control. i want to change to the digital version. is this plug and play? or even possible? the ones i have attached as images. thanks so much for help in advance!
  6. M

    C300e or c300dh

    I’ve tried researching but honestly can’t find any main difference between the c300dh and the c300e other than one being a diesel and other petrol. the car will mainly be used for local runs, but will also have the occasional long journey. Around 8k miles a year approx. Which one would you...
  7. A

    Mercedes CLA, 2013 W117 Push Start Button

    Guys/girls I have a Mercedes CLA 2013, it didn’t come with a push start button, however does have the feature as far as I can tell, I ordered one online but doesn’t seem to work, is there a specific button for the exact model of car that would would as an aftermarket
  8. T

    Fuel flap issues help!!!

    Newbie post I’ve had issues with my fuel flap, I can be driving along and it’ll randomly open, I pull over close the flap, get back in the car and it will open again! Last week I went to fuel up and I couldn’t actually open the flap. Feel like the car is mugging me off haha! I’ve contacted...
  9. A

    Hi, I need advice on engine Codes

    Hi guys. My first post here. Im Adam and I drive a C200 2010 which I’ve never had a problem with. Yesterday, after a drive no longer than 10 minutes, my engine warning light came on. I plugged an OBDII in and it gave 4 codes. P0045 P0688 P2602 P2006. I’m a little nervous to drive it. I will...
  10. A

    Daney In Distress!

    Hi Everyone! I have owned my C200 since April 2019 and it has not skipped a beat. I brought it on 102k on the clock and full service history. I had to get some work done to it along with a relationship break up and moving house, moved jobs, lost the key so had to get a new one ect It's been a...
  11. Apex Seal

    Knackered W124 260E/300E (2.6) Sportline M/T purchase

    Hello people. I am currently looking for purchasing advice on a Merc I found for sale in my country (Argentina, South America), and hence resort to MB forums for oppinions (after having read several posts previously). Here´s the thing. I found a '92 W124 260E Sportline for sale (300E 2.6 for...
  12. S


    Sadly I am going to have to sell my wheels, I'm not new to the club just unable to access my other account any more. My baby failed her Mot a few weeks ago when I asked the Mot tester to go hard on the old girl as I plan on doing a slow restore. Inner arches needed welding. Started the...
  13. B

    E320 engine harness replacement - won't start

    I recently changed the engine wiring harness and now the car won’t start. I would really appreciate your help!! I have a 1995 E320 convertible (cabriolet) W124 with 112k miles. I changed the original engine harness as the the car started idling low/rough to the point where it felt like it...
  14. T

    Playing videos via USB, what am I doing wrong

    Hey, can anyone help me? I use to have a C300 2016 where I plugged in an external hard drive into the USB in the centre arm rest storage area. The hard drive was loaded with movies. I could play any movie on the hard dive (when the car was not moving) on the comand screen via media external...
  15. G

    Mercedes-Benz C220 2.2L Braking problem. HELP!

    Hello Mercedes lovers, Mercedes-Benz C220 2.2L I need your help requiring breaking problem I have. So couple weeks ago my Car went out of brakes. I took my car to Local mechanic which have specialised in Mercedes-benz cars. They Changed Cylinder of break fluid , the pipe at the rear wheel...
  16. V

    mercedes w115 200 1976 cuts out once hot after 5 mins starts again

    hello i registered here to get some help from you guys who seem to know everything about all mercs. so 10 years ago my dad parked up hes 1976 mercedes 200 w115 with stromberg carb and we have been trying to get it going. so far we have changed all the things that we could possibly think of that...
  17. D


    Hi there my name is Diogo, I'm only registraring now because now it happened to me. My c220cdi w203 2004 had what is called a diesel runaway. I've seen it happen to a member before and iI' like to now the answer to my problem. As it happened to that member my engine turns but it won't start...
  18. M


    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site mainly because of the accident I had with my Mercedes last week, Car: 2013 Mercedes Benz C220 CDI executive model So... long story short, My car went into the back of another car last week, Honestly it was no more than 15mph, the other car (vw golf) got a tiny...
  19. I


    Evening, New to the MB owners club although have owned a number of classic Mercedes Benz. W124 E220 Coupe in Beryl Blue with only 40,000 Miles Mercedes S600 V12 Bi-Turbo Mercedes 190E Sportline Mercedes 190E 1.8 Manual These are the most recent owned. Im currently having an issue with my...
  20. O

    S350/2003- command unit not turning on at all

    I have a Mercedes S-class 2003 3.7l and a few days a go I replaced the rear air suspensions and a new compresses aswell. Once the battery was reconnected the air suspension sign pop up on the dash board but when raising and lowering the car it works perfectly fine. But driving over speed humps...

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