1. S

    SL55 R230 2003 Tire Recommendations Pls

    Hi all New to forum. Proud and very happy new owner of a 2003 SL55. What a car! I’ve waited a long time to get one and it’s lived up to all of my expectations. Decided to take the plunge before I think prices rise higher. Mine has a well used set of Michelins on it from 2014. Time for a...
  2. M

    SL 350 EPS and ABS lights on after bump. Engine not working

    Hi, Couple of weeks ago, I hit a pot hole on the near side and as soon as I hit it both ABS and EPS messages came on the dashboard and I immediately lost all power. Since then I have not been able to turn on the engine or get it out of park and when I do try the fan starts to run high. I...
  3. M

    2006 3.7 V6 SL350 fuel pump replacement

    hello just after some advice i need to replace my fuel pump as its leaking MB want £360 for one and for it to be on back order so looking at aftermarket. I've removed the pump and it's a pierburg pump 7.28143.00 A 000 478 04 01 TYP : PK 0004 I can't find a pump to match the part numbers other...
  4. D

    New member, longtime viewer.

    Hi everyone, I’ve had a Mercedes r230 2007 sl350 for about 8yrs and I absolutely love it but I’m now having problems with the door closures, the key fob sets the alarm and operates the ignition but won’t open or close the doors or operate the PSE, but when I’m in the car I can lock and unlock...
  5. Rich R230

    I’m and manual R230 2002

    Hi everyone I’m struggling to find an appropriate link for a command manual for my 2002 R230.... as I have uncontrollable urge to be able to reset my clock! and also hopefully start to understand what my car can actually do. Sadly the original manual was not included with the car. Anyone got a...
  6. RyanSL500

    Headlight randomly came on, on my R230 hours after use.

    Evening all, I hope you’re all well. A bit of a weird one this evening with my R230. So in light of all the rain we’ve had over the last couple of days, I’ve checked my SL500 for any water ingress and couldn’t find any damp in the main areas. However, as I was about to go to bed, I did my...
  7. Rich R230

    R230 centre console latch....

    I’m guessing this is a massively common problem... the armrest latch is broken and I have to manually open the lower tray (compartment below the phone tray).... my question is this.... what’s the easiest remedy? Ie are the latch parts available, or is it a new centre console/armrest lid? help...
  8. M

    R230 distronic badge

    I have a 2003 r230 sl350 with distronic, the plastic that covers the merc badge is looking a bit yellow, has anyone tried a headlight restoration kit on it and sanded it down etc ? Regards Mike
  9. SL55 Mark

    SL55 Detailing Recommendations Wilts/Hants/Berks Area

    Hello there, as Lockdown eases, a man's thoughts turn to his R230. Mine is in dire need of some attention, and I wondered if anyone had any recommendations for car detailers in the above area ? I would be prepared to travel (a bit). Some idea of what sort of price I could expect to pay would...
  10. Sam Stoddard

    R230 slight roof leak in hinge

    Hey guys my 2003 SL350 (R230) has a small leak on the roof driver side hinge (see photos) Is this an easy DIY job?
  11. Sam Stoddard

    Broken PSE Pump???

    Hey guys I’ve been having issue with my boot soft close and also the central locking not working. On my 2003 SL350 (R230) In another thread I went through everything I’ve done so far including sealing every single possible leak from the PSE to the boot actuator. I’ve also stripped down the...
  12. RyanSL500

    Changing my daily car from a 6 year old diesel to an 18 year old V8

    Afternoon everyone! I hope you’re all well. so after recent events and finally getting my SL500 R230 fixed, I have made the decision to sell my 2014 C220 coupe to We buy any car as the trade in value is pretty decent and probably not much less than what I would get selling it privately (plus I...
  13. M

    SL R230 Sat Nav problem

    Hi Just bought a 2003 Mercedes SL 350 and have a problem with the SAT NAV, can't find my location it appears to think I am somewhere in the North sea! Can anyone offer some advise please Many thanks Mike
  14. Jonathan Schofield

    SL350 R230 Door Mirror Repeater Light

    My wife's R230 SL350 has failed the MOT due to a non working repeater light in the offside door mirror. Guess what! Can't get one anywhere and with most of the dealers closed due to this Covid-19 thingy I am unable to source one. The garage says the colour is immaterial as we only need the...
  15. C

    Someone Must Know!!!!! Amplifer issues!

    Hi everyone, hoping there is someone on this forum that can help me solve this issue.I have just found that the LHS speakers on my SL R230 2008 have failed and fluff so badly its impossible to listen to the stereo. I had always planned to do a slight upgrade on the sound system in the long term...
  16. RyanSL500

    Looking for a garage to rebuild my ABC valve block

    Hi all, so might rear drives side has started to sag when standing on my R230. While at PCS it was discovered that the rear ABC valve block appears to be weeping. Having replaced the front valve block last year, I’d rather avoid paying C£1.5k again and discovered that there is a rebuild kit...
  17. N

    Mercedes SL R230 2007 boot leak not a regular leak - Help!

    Hi All, Hoping someone can help please. I purchased a 2007 SL and have noticed water in the boot. I have checked the regular leak points and it is NOT the C Pillar and all seals are in tact. All drains clear and working as expected. All carpets are dry. There is a set of wires that run...
  18. Oldcodger

    '04 R230 Fuse location for dash cam?

    Hi folks, I need a switchable fuse location for a dash cam for my '04R230 SL350 I've had problems with my GLA when the wrong location was chosen by Halfords for a piggy back fuse holder so thought best to check the experts on here first. Any thoughts please? Thanks Mike
  19. RyanSL500

    R230 roof not going down

    Evening everyone! I recently picked up my 2003 SL500 up from the body shop which was in there for a month. Before it went it in, everything was fine (besides the rusting arches!). I picked up the car this weekend gleaming and when I tried to put the roof down, nothing... well the roof button...
  20. Ted Schrecker

    Identity crisis ... not!

    In London at the weekend, I had a conversation with a good (non-petrolhead) friend that turned to cars. This is someone who once devastated an acquaintance who drives an Aston-Martin by not realising that the marque is a car, not a motorbike (‘a hyphenated name like Harley-Davidson’). As the...

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