1. GeoffB

    Windscreen Washers Stopped Spraying but Pump Still Runs

    I know there are a few existing posts about windscreen washer problems but I wanted to share my experience in the hope that others will search and find this useful. I prefer to do my own maintenance where possible and tried all the usual troubleshooting steps below when my Vito W447 front and...
  2. gio65_00

    Windscreen Replacement Query CLS Shooting Brake

    Hello, I have a 63 plate CLS Shooting Brake and recently due to a bleeding stone chip on the front windscreen (near the radar system for adaptive lights), a massive crack has now developed on the screen which more than likely will be an MOT fail. My dilemma is should I go through insurance who...
  3. K

    Wiper Motor replacement needed?

    Hi ; My ML270 ( 2005) has windscreen washer problems. They will not move under their own power , but do when I give them a hand ! the fuse is OK. Do I need to replace the motor or is there a mechanical issue? Can I get a second hand motor fitted?
  4. M

    Dangerous unbounded windscreen E220

    Hello, new to the forum and need your assistance please anyone. I have an E220. Noticed water ingress coming in to the car from the top of the windscreen. Took it to Mercedes was verbally told the windscreen was not bonded and I had to replace it at my expense as I am out of warranty. On...
  5. D

    Windscreen Scuttle Trim

    Hi there, The reason for my post is because I have a question regarding the exterior trim directly below the Windscreen/windshield on my 2012 W204 CD220 (scuttle). I've recently had my windscreen replaced and have noticed that the trim does not sit flush against the edge of the glass. As I...
  6. S

    A209 CLK320 2003 roof not quite closing correctly by rear windscreen

    My roof closes fine but at the very last moment when the fabric tucks into the rear windscreen, a small section of material about the size of half a golf ball bunches up and sits as a clump on the outside edge of the rear windscreen on the lower right hand corner. If I stop the mechanism from...
  7. R

    Rear windscreen wiper motor - is their any alternatives???

    Hi there. This is my first posting. My rear windscreen motor has broken. I can't believe how much a replacement is. Does anyone know of an alternative for the motor from another manufacturer. Ie using an Audi part? As other parts seem to be so so much cheaper. I have looked on eBay and these...
  8. T

    Windscreen wipers wearing out quikly

    Hi, I get very little use out of my windscreen wiper before they start vibrating across the glass when in use. As a result the use sticker turns yellow very soon. I use the MB wipers for the car(E Coupe) same wipers as the C-Class. I there a possibility that wiper arms need adjusting...
  9. C

    W215 CL500 replacement windscreen

    Hi guys, I have discovered a crack in my front windscreen, down in the black print area below the dash front. I guess I will have to have this repaired through my insurance glass policy. My car has auto wipers fitted (standard I think for this model?) so can anyone please tell me: 1...
  10. E

    Creaking noises from both front doors

    Hi, I am a first time owner of a Mercedes C220 Diesel Sport 2015. I have had the car since end of June and have 5k miles on the clock. After only a few weeks in I began to notice a slight creaking noise coming from the driver's door top edge. The noise was as if the glass of the window was...
  11. R

    massive dazzling sparkles in front screen

    when the sun is low , the front screen is full of sparkles almost as if someone has poured iron fillings into the screen - this is also a problem at night with on coming lights . This is on a 64 e class - also had it on a 14 c class . When I took the c class to dealers in Norwich they brought...
  12. G

    C180 Windscreen Problem

    About 6 months ago I purchased a 1997 Mercedes C180. I am delighted with the car, everything works and it recently passed the MOT. After washing the car a few days ago I noticed a white discolouration along the bottom edge and partly up each side of the windscreen. The discolouration is...
  13. M

    Rear View Mirror

    The rear view mirror has came off the fixing to the windscreen and is resting in the plastic cover housing interior lights. Any ideas on taking off the cover to investigate. How is the mirror attached to the screen? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  14. M

    water leak in drivers footwell missing rubber pieces i think??

    hello my car is a 2005 c270 cdi elegance. i have some water leaking into driver footwell, i have had a look at drains (including under fuse box). The grommet for the bonnet release cable looks a bit cracky but i am wondering if my problem is the missing piece of rubber on the windscreen on...
  15. R

    Road Toll Tags in MB windscreens

    Hello - first post so please be patient with me! I drive a 2013 (facelift model) E220 SE CDI Estate. I am heading over to France in August and I want to purchase a Sanef Tag to allow me to use the priority lanes at toll booths. The instructions on their website say to place the tag in the...
  16. J

    Where can I get a replacement rear window?

    I have a 1994 Mercedes 500sl and I need to get a new rear windscreen. Does anyone have any suggestions about the best way to get one, preferrably close to the midlands area?
  17. R

    Screenwash -- which is best value

    I've tried a few screenwash fluids and most seem to leave smears. Without going overboard cost-wise, which ones give the best results (i.e. not leaving a smear)? Don't need any in-depth analysis, just the names of a couple of brands you are happy with. It'll save an extended test of various...
  18. P

    problem with condensation on the inside of windscreen.

    On cold mornings, my c220cdi takes about 5 minutes to demist the water droplets that gather on the interior of my windscreen. This never happened before in 3 years of driving it, but lately it is happening a lot and I am wondering what is causing it ?. Is it just the extreme cold of late or...
  19. O

    W111 windscreen

    Hi The windscreen on my W111 coupe is showing signs of delamination. Any ideas for fixing or finding a replacement would be greatly appreciated. Cheers OldDog
  20. N

    Windscreen chip repair? Use Glass Doctors!

    I needed to have a small chip in the windscreen repaired and also had a previous poorly carried out repair done by my insurers nominated windscreen repairer National Windscreens done back in March that needed sorting out. The chip was rough, still visible and not see through. After spending...

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