1. A

    Not changing up the gears.

    Hi guys. Been having quite a few problems with my car recently. (2010 Mercedes C200) A couple of weeks ago I was slowing down near a single lane bridge when the car on the other side flashed. I accelerated to go over and just as I went into the bride the car revved and all of my lights came on...
  2. A


    Hello I have a 2011 Mercedes C300 4matic and today when I started the car and drove for like 2 mins the ABS SRS LIGHT CAME ON on the dashboard It gives me the message BRAKE EBD, ABS and ESC INOPERATIVE Any idea on what’s going on?
  3. S

    ABS, ESP Currently Unavailable message

    Last Sunday we were out for the day in my 2011 W204 C220 CDI. Shortly after starting the trip home I stopped at a junction and a message appeared on the screen:- ESP & ABS Currently Unavailable -- it was actually the symbols for 'ESP' & 'ABS' but you know what I mean. I pressed OK, the message...
  4. Roman Pylyuk

    ABS and ESP Currently Inoperative. Power steering turns off

    Got a 2009 Mercedes S550 4Matic. Everything was good with it no prior shaking, damage, weird noises, then I start the car and start driving and I see the message pop up (ABS & ESP currently unavailable) also the power steering turns off and it gets hard to turn the wheel. The only thing prior to...
  5. N

    Hi - E270 W211 - looking for advice on ABS and ESP malfunction

    Hi All My E class 2005 W211 is showing an ABS and ESP malfunction. It's been plugged in for diagnostics to no avail. I've tried changing the brake light switch (youtube recommend that can apparently fix it sometimes - it didn't). Needs an MOT soon so am anxious to be able to resolve the...
  6. G

    Mercedes-Benz C220 2.2L Braking problem. HELP!

    Hello Mercedes lovers, Mercedes-Benz C220 2.2L I need your help requiring breaking problem I have. So couple weeks ago my Car went out of brakes. I took my car to Local mechanic which have specialised in Mercedes-benz cars. They Changed Cylinder of break fluid , the pipe at the rear wheel...
  7. R

    Esp warning sign and abs light come on the display

    Hi - I have a 2011 C250 and have a strange intermittent fault. Basically the car will be driving all fine and then sometimes the ABS/ESP Lights will come on and the cruise control/speedtronic/limiter will not function. The run flat indicator also turns off. Once you turn the engine off and...
  8. Mark Hart

    ABS Module - ESP, ABS and display faulty no speedometer

    Hi all, First forum post! I’ve got a C209 clk500 and I recently received the fault messages in the title. I replied to an old forum thread on here and was asked to repost as a new thread, here’s a link to the other post that contains all the background...
  9. K

    W211 E220 - ABS/ESP - Transmission limp mode

    Hello! I Got an W211 E220 who is in a Transmission limp mode - (2227-1) It would not change gear, it stucked. I got error on the ABS/ESP and i search for failure codes, when i did that i got that the right rear sensor vas defect, so i changed it. Now its in the same shape as before, not even...
  10. C

    W203 C270Cdi ABS/EPC/BAS/ESP warnings

    Morning all I have an intermittent problem with these warning messages. My 2002 C270CDi (151,000 miles) is otherwise brilliantly reliable, but over the past few weeks I've had the problem of these warnings going on. What happens is this: First of all the EPC and BAS warnings go on, a few...
  11. S

    W211 2006 e320 resetting brakes - no gap between front pads and discs

    Hi, I have recently replaced all the brakes disc and pads and front wheel bearings, but after reactivating the SBC (used iCarSoft - confirmed all pressure sensors were reading around 70bar), I found that on driving the car a few meters it became obvious that the front pads were stuck on the...
  12. J

    W219 CLS 320 CDI Errors / Warnings / Problems

    Hi guys recently bought a faulty w219 that wouldnt start. Diagnosed it as the crank sensor, popped the new one in and it fired straight up. The car hadnt been driven for months before I bought it, todays the first day i got chance to take it on a quick test drive. After the first couple of...
  13. I

    ABS & ESP red warning. W211 E270. Any advice for simple checks?

    Hi all 2003 model E270 W211. 138k miles. While driving through town normal traffic my dash suddenly displayed the red STOP Braking System Defective light, the ABS symbol came up with a line through it and an ESP not working message. No prior warnings or braking problems before this happened...
  14. H

    W203 - ESP/BAS/ ABS error - Need help diagnosing

    Hi guys, I've had an ESP / BAS /ABS Visit Workshop error on my dash for the last 4 years. Vehicle: W203 - 2003 C200 Coupe, 1.8L Kompressor, manual. History: A couple of years ago, I stripped the rear boot flooring material and discovered that there was dampness and corrosion where the wheel...
  15. walshy66

    W140 S-Class I need to remove a rear half shaft. Any Help Please?

    Noticed the ABS light on and a quick inspection revealed the problem. The ABS 'reluctor' ring had split on the rear drivers side. No easy fix I presume apart from getting the half shaft out and replacing the ring. Just looking for some tips on how to do this and is a special press tool...
  16. A

    W210 abs bas esp warning lights

    Hi folks - I know this topic is a perennial bug... please bear with me. 2002 E2320CDI estate (if it matters) started a few months ago bringing on the abs, bas and esp warning along with the bulb fail warning. Fixed by bending the fuse tabs to make better contact. Hurrah. Then it comes back...
  17. N

    w210 1996 e230 saloon ABS and ETS warning lights, no speedo, no power steering

    Hi All, Need some advice please. The warning lights mentioned were on intermittently for a bit and then didn't see them for a few weeks but now they are on all the time. I took the car to my local mercedes specialist which is pmw in epping. They changed the brake light switch but no joy. They...
  18. Smaltze

    W210 E320 Abs Esp Bas confusing problem

    Hi all, i know this is a common problem but mine seems odd and unique. When driving after about 5 minutes normally, can take alot longer, all 3 of the warnings come on. Abs, Esp and Bas. They seem to come on when traveling at a constant speed i think, not atall when touching the brake. I can...
  19. H

    W203 Water Ingress in Boot - ESP fault

    Hi Guys :) I've long had an ABS/ESP/BAS malfunction warning on my dash and discovered about a year ago that it was probably something to do with water getting into the trunk/boot but I didn't know exactly where. After doing some Googling yesterday, I decided to strip down the flooring...
  20. W

    possible bad connection points for ESP Module?

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice on where the best places to look for poor earth/connectivity to the ESP module might be. I've had a recurring but unpredictable fault on my 2000 W208 for about 2 weeks. When driving, ESP warning comes up, speedo and milometer fails, and locks in whatever gear...

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