1. D

    Mercedes-Benz CLC Class (things to know before I buy)

    Hi, I am looking to buy a CLC Class 1.8 CLC180 Kompressor SE 2d PETROL; Year 2009 or 2008. Mileage from (approx.) 48,000 to 65,000. Could you please give me some insight, whether around this mileage there are major issues, certain parts that need to be changed, particular service required etc...
  2. grahamwoodward

    CL203 - Merc CLC180 iPod connector

    Hi guys My wife's 2008 CLC180 has a 30 pin iPod connector in the glove box and a 'frame' to hold an iPod. The connector seems to fit Gen 4 iPods. Does anyone know if you fit a 30pin to modern adaptor will the latest iPods then work thru the steering wheel controls in Comand? You can also get a...
  3. M

    Wing Mirrors not folding in and out

    Hi I have a CLC model Merc 2008. Button inside car folds mirrors in and out but now they don’t set when pressed. They make a loud clicking noise and only fold in? Can anyone help I’m sure this is a common problem but cannot find and videos anywhere how to fix. Thanks
  4. N

    CLC Drivers seat not folding forward.

    The drivers seat to my CLC has got progressively worse in terms of folding forward to access rear seats. I have removed the cover on the rear and the two steel cables do not appear to be broken since I can feel tension when lifting release button on top of seat. I have attached photos since...
  5. N

    CLC CDI 220 remapping recommendations

    Read with interest previous post recapping for CLC 220 CDI. Does anyone know a recommended specialist garage to remap in the Gerrards Cross, Ruislip, Amersham area postcode SL9 or maybe further afield fora strong recommendation? Thanks. Nikki
  6. N

    K&N air Filter for CLC is it worth extra cost ?

    Hi The K&N publicity leads you to understand that their air filters improve performance and are a real improvement. Are they worth fitting or should I stick with the Mercedes OEM air filter. I have a CLC 220CDI and the K&N filter that should fit as far as I can see is E-2018 at best cost...
  7. N

    Which fuse can I use to power carcam CLC

    Hi, I have brand new Nextbase Carcam fresh out of the box which I want to hard wire to my CLC. Located fuse box in side of dash next to steeering wheel and need to identify correct fuse to piggy back power supply. Instructions suggest a power supply which is live with ignition on, but lots of...
  8. N

    Fitting dash Cam to CLC - hard wiring

    Just bought a Nextbase Dash Cam 312GW (Which Best Buy) and awaiting a kit to hard wire to fuse box. Has anyone got any experience and tips before I start? The advise appears to be to wire into a fuse that turns on/off with the ignition so as not to run down the battery although does not suggest...
  9. N

    Can not remove Cross threaded wheel nut CLC

    Need some help since cannot remove wheel bolt on CLC which keeps turning. Believe the thread is cross threaded and fear it is my fault for over tighting. I was concerned not to leave too loose and believe I have overtightened since had not got a torque wrench, how silly ! Any ideas as to how...
  10. N

    CLC Excessive wear rear tyres

    Hi just had to replace rear tyres on my CLC since much to my horror, both worn to the wire on the inside edge after 5,000 miles. I need to get the settings checked out to correct since this expensive motoring. Any ideas please to the likely problem ? Someone on an earlier forum suggested...
  11. C

    Clc 220 cdi remapping??

    Hi guys, bought a clc 220 cdi 2009! Really happy with it! However I feel like it could be doing with a bit more power, has anyone remapped there own c class and how do you find it? The remap I'm looking at puts it from 150bhp - 185bhp
  12. N

    Clc Panoramic roof and blind not working

    Hi, I need help since having problems with CLC Panoramic roof. At first the internal binds rolled open and closed but could not get glass open. Then got glass roof retracted but it really strained to close. Once closed can not get the binds to close. I dare not attempt to open glass...
  13. N

    CLC 220 CDI Michelin tyre recommendation

    I need to replace a front tyre and usually favour Michelins which I buy from Costco. However the current version appears to be a pilot sport 4 which has improved fuel ratings where as Mercedes still only recommend the pilot sport 2 being an earlier version. Are the Mercedes approved Pilot...
  14. G

    CLC 220 CDI Alloy Wheels

    I have a 2008 CLC with 16" alloys currently on, but i want to change them to 18" i'm having an issue with finding some because the front width of the wheel is smaller than the back? If anyone could give me some advice on wheel size for the CLC or a place where I could get a set please some help...
  15. R

    CLC200 CDI Loss of Power

    Hi Guys! I'm new to the forum and a proud owner of a 58 Plate CLC200 Auto Diesel. I was driving it today and noticed it wouldn't rev above 3000RPM. I struggled to overtake and could barely go above 60mph. There was no sign of the turbo kicking in and the car was very slow to accelerate...
  16. I

    CLC wiper problems (with rain sensor)

    Having looked at the many posts on wiper issues I seem to have a slightly different issue and wondered if the many more experienced posters could shed some light (it's a CLC 2008) - Position 0 (manual - on pressing the stalk) - wipers operate when button pressed but stop as soon as button...
  17. N

    CLC rattle in tailgate area driving me mad !

    There is a rattle coming from the tailgate area of my CLC every time I go over a bump that is driving me mad ! I have already taken off some of the trim to the top and sides of the rear window glass and used double sided adhesive foam pads to try and stop various items from moving, but still...
  18. N

    Tyre puncture repair sealent - which one ?

    The tyre sealent for my car a CLC CDI WDB 203 needs replacing and I am trying to find one on eBay or similar rather than pay main dealer prices, but it is confusing since apparently identical sealent shave different parts codes ! I have seen sealents with code A000 5832202 and A000 5831202...
  19. I

    CLC - Converting brakelights to LEDs

    all, Just got my first Mercedes (2008 CLC-beginner class!!!) and loving it... Seeking your pearls of wisdom, as I plan to replace the tungsten filament brake lights bulbs with LED (mainly as I hate changing bulbs!) I know they need to be Canbus compliant, and I believe the bulbs needed are...
  20. I


    Hi All, Just got my first Mercedes (2008 CLC - beginner class!!!) and loving it... wanted to say hello and how much i am enjoying stepping into a luxury world each day :-) also I've posted a question in "electronics section" about changing filament bulbs to LEDs... so any thoughts on that very...

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