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  1. Z

    Total failure to proceed - no drive in 'Drive'

    Hi all, Had a most upsetting breakdown last night. My previously very reliable 2002 CLK 270CDi had a sudden failure to proceed, with Drive no longer living up to its name. Basically, I stopped at a roundabout, and when I tried to pull away again the engine just revved without the gearbox ever...
  2. D

    Mercland Nuneaton

    Anyone used mercland in Nuneaton? I’m after a 7g tropic gearbox service and wondering how much it is? Thanks
  3. A

    Transmission - Consult Workshop on A180 58 Reg Looking for Garage Recommendations

    Hi all, My A180 Mercedes, 58 Reg number showed Transmission - Consult Workshop last week. I have got a diagnosis report and and I was told there is a fault with the transmission/gearbox which could need replacement. I know from my garage where I service/MOT the car that only certain places take...
  4. A

    Not changing up the gears.

    Hi guys. Been having quite a few problems with my car recently. (2010 Mercedes C200) A couple of weeks ago I was slowing down near a single lane bridge when the car on the other side flashed. I accelerated to go over and just as I went into the bride the car revved and all of my lights came on...
  5. M

    Gearbox advice

    Hi All, The gearbox has finally given up on my automatic 07 C220 CDI sports edition 5 door estate. I believe it is a 7.226 gearbox. Does anyone know of anyone reputable who supplies quality replacements? I would prefer to go through someone recommended rather than take a chance with ebay. Any...
  6. Y

    Stiff gears reverse through to 6th . No clunking or noises 2014 sprinter 2.1 313

    Hi guys First Post Just bought a sprinter 2014 LWB 2.1 Highish miles 174,000 Full service history ex lease . Clutch is smooth and all gears locate , but very stiff , all equally stiff , non different than the other , just needs a heavy push to do the gear changes. No clunking or noise and...
  7. A

    Loud turbo spoiling noise on my SL600 2006

    Hello lovely people:) My first time posting a question! Please some one tell me what to do. My beloved SL600 (2006, 50,000 miles) has a problem. After a few miles of driving it I hear an unusual whistle sound which I can only assume to be the turbo. After a few miles more, the car feels like it...
  8. K

    Gear box. High revving, won’t go into manual

    Hi All I recently bought an E220 W212 2014. Occasionally the gear box seems to get stuck, it rev’s much higher and won’t go into manual mode. If I switch the car on and off it solves the problem. Initially this happened every couple of weeks, it is now happening every other time I drive the...
  9. O

    W220 - Engine Coolant and Transmission Problem

    Hi guys i have a mercedes W220 (S350) Ive recently noticed that my transmission was acting weird, in terms of gears shifting feeling a bit gerky and taking longer to shift. Ive checked my transmission fluid level and there is oil in it. Ive also noticed that there is anti freeze liquid from...
  10. F

    Mercedes c350 w204 4motion full acceleration issue

    Hi I really need your advese please. It is my first time on firum. It hapens in first and second gear. The guys from mercedes told me I need to replace the gearbox. Another mechanic told me I need to replace the turbo Or actuator... please excuse my bad english I have uploaded a vedeo on youtube
  11. N

    mY w124 300 ce OR 300td

    Hi Guys So whilst browsing through an auction i say this Mercedes 300 CE / Diesel and bought it online knowing little about the car except that i liked how it looked. So the car was delivered to me and it all dawned on me. 1: the car on DVLA database shows as a 300 CE/ Diesel.. i phoned them...
  12. G

    GL 420 cdi 2008

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and do not know where to turn around so maybe it's wrong to write this here. I have encountered something that apparently many others in the United States have agreed to see that many in America regret what I was having trouble with. The problem is that while the...
  13. J

    Please help, auto - transmission

    Hi everyone, it's great to have stumbled upon this site, it's nice to see such a supportive community. I would really appreciate any advice to this problem, I have a Mercedes CLK 2001 petrol, Automatic, engine 230 Kompressor, 87,000miles on the clock. The problem is as follows, about two...
  14. J

    Hi everyone, new here, please HELP if you can. Thanks

    Hi everyone, great to see such support provided by the members here. can anyone kindly provide some advice to this problem: I have a CLK 230 Kompressor, 2001 automatic model. I noticed a month ago that the transmission did not shift past the second gear so I simply reset the automatic...
  15. rdmstewa

    202 Feels a bit wrong when cold

    Hi all Just bought a '98 202 C240 auto with apparently genuine 46k on the clock. It's very smooth and drives well except when starting away from cold. Where I live that involves going more or less straight up a hill, and I wouldn't expect the car to even try for 4th gear until I'm more or...
  16. J

    Car shudders

    Sorry new to all this but have an issue I need all you experts to advise me on. I have a E270 (52 plate). Back in October 2013 I started noticing the car would shudder when accelerating on the motorway or going up hills. I was advised to have the wheels balanced and aligned which I did but the...
  17. D

    Gear box change serial part number

    Hi need to dig in to the wraith of knowledge here. Just had diff disintegrate on my c250td ( I miss diagnosed problem to the two rubbed shock dampers on shaft Opps) which caused car to twist of Carddarn shaft. changed diff and shaft car feels really tight again which is great. Only one problem...
  18. C

    HELP!! c180 sport auto.

    hi there, im new the forum, ive just bought a 1998 C180 sport auto. it has 125k on the clock but there is an issue with the running it doesnt rev over 4k and when you put foot down to drop the gear down it just dies no power atall just stays at 4k and then runs like a bag of sh*t misfiring...
  19. C

    e280 rattle from auto transmission

    Hi This is my first post on any forum, so please forgive me if I've broken any un written rules! A few months ago I bought a 1999 E280 auto, I believe it's a W211, due to a broken wrist. My plan was to run it until my cast came off, then go back to my beloved Land Rovers. But I liked it so...
  20. S

    ml 270 cdi 02/52

    Hi, I have a problem with my mercedes autobox hoping someone can advise me, the ml will drive and go up and down through the gears fine untill forth, the revs jump by a thousand befor engaging? also when i kick down its as if the ml is jumping out of gear and going into neutral. i can...

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