1. M

    Changing Vito Seats

    Hi all. I have an October 2006 (56 plate) Vito Traveliner 111cdi with 6 very uncomfortable individual seats on long metal tracks in the back (see attached photo). I am thinking about changing 3 of them to something more comfortable for long journeys. Are seats compatible across the Vito...
  2. C

    Greetings all

    Second Mercedes, C240 (breadwinner), W203. Love my car, yet the electronic foibles continue. Anyone know solution to passenger seat (r) continues blowing fuses?
  3. Prof.C.Benz

    W124 Drivers Seat Question

    In search for a W124 Coupé electric drivers seat base for my 1991 300ce, I have found one in mint condition from a Saloon of the same year, and cannot find any info as to whether they are the same, or adaptable. Any insight greatly appreciated.
  4. J

    W209 CLK seat stopped working

    Hi, The electric driver's seat in my 2003 W209 CLK has suddenly stopped working completely. It doesn't move forward/back, doesn't tilt, and the headrest doesn't move either. The headrest has also stopped going down when the seat is pushed forward to get in the rear of the car. All was working...
  5. C

    C215 Front seat - sourcing or repair

    Well, so much for my replacement driver's seat. The company who quoted called me to say that they were mistaken and didn't have one. I've found one at a scrappers- correct colour/spec and apparently operational, but with a massive rip to the bolster. Are these detachable parts? If so I could...
  6. C

    CL500 drivers seat rattling

    Hi all, Just bought my first MB and have some issues. I picked up a secondhand W reg CL500 on 120k miles for what I'm hoping is a bargain, however there are a couple of things that may prove an expensive fix. Nb the car has black leather interior in vvgc, no apparent corrosion, is dead...
  7. J

    CL500 Electric Problems (Drivers seat, Sunroof)

    Hello there, i am new to this forum, thought it'll be good to pick the brains of the people who know the car well. The issues are, the drivers seat. Basically, i pulled the leaver to let someone in the back, the seat started moving forward, then i pressed on the door card button to pull it...
  8. timgander

    C63 AMG Baby/child seats??

    Hi Guys, last September we took delivery of our C63 and although we did try the 'throw in a couple of MB seats for our impending twin grand-daughters' trick, the salesman didn't bite, (he knew we wanted the car regardless!) So the question is (and I know there have been previous references...
  9. K

    Wiring for electric seats on ML

    Dear all, I have a couple of problems with the seats in my ML. I was told by the previous owner that she had unplugged the wiring for the heated seats which is under the seat. Try as I might I cannot find any disconnected wires under the seats. It's not easy to see so I might have missed...
  10. W

    B170 Driver Seat Height Adjustment Handle

    Can some advise how to remove the driver's seat height adjustment handle on a B170 (2006)? I've removed the black screw at the base of it and still doesn't detach. Some advise would be much appreciated.
  11. S

    New Member.. Electric seat issue on CLK320, 2000(x), 93k

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum, mainly as I'm looking at buying my first Mercedes: a CLK 320, W208, X reg, 93k. I'm taking it for a test drive on Sat but I got in it the other day and started it up (engine sounds like new). Anyway. I noticed that having got in and closed the drivers...
  12. zedmeister

    W208 CLK electric car seat problem

    The fore/aft motor seems to have gone on the drivers side. The other motors are working so I presume its not a fuse and that the motor has burnt out. Can anyone confirm?
  13. T

    W211 loose driver's seat

    My driver's seat always seems to have a bit of fore-aft play in it, no matter where it's positioned — as if the "teeth" on the rail have too much gap between them. The movement is only around ¼" (6mm for the youngsters). As the seat movement has some friction in it, this doesn't cause an...
  14. D

    Mercedes Benz B class driving position

    Anyone else finding the driver's seat of the B class difficult to be adjusted correctly? No matter how hard I try it just doesnt seem to be right. Sometimes i feel that I'm seated too high or too low, sometimes too close or too far and the steering wheel never is at the right place. I also...
  15. S

    S350 electric seat problem

    Hi I have a 2003 S350 (W220 I think). Last week the easy entry seat function stopped working and at the same time the base unit has stopped moving back or forwards. The steering wheel part of the easy entry still works fine, as do all the other electric seat functions. I have checked all...
  16. R

    CLK W209 Head Rest Problem

    I have an intermittent problem with the head rest on the passenger seat of my CLK 320 convertable. The problem is that when the seat is tipped forward to allow someone to get into the back seat the head rest goes down as normal, the problem is that when the seat is tipped fully forward the...
  17. R

    Electrical mayhem on 51plate SL500 silver arrow

    I have an sl500 silver arrow and suddenly things don't work, ir rather they work under certain conditions (sometimes). The mirrors will no longer retract with the button. The doors have started locking as you drive off and the most annoying thing is that the mirror adjustment won't work unless...
  18. C

    Mercedes Viano Rear Seat Tilting Problems

    We have several Mercedes Vianos all less than 3 years old. every one of them has problems with the rear bench seats. These are fitted with a side handle to release the locking mechanism that allows the back of the seat to be tilted forward allowing access to the rear. They are always giving...
  19. E

    New CLK55 AMG owner

    Hi all, Just drove the 150 miles home in my new (to me) CLK55 AMG convertible W209. So happy with it. Decided to see what happens when the ESP is turned off, wont be doing that again in a hurry. Never had an auto/tip before, was like dropping the clutch !! So much car for the money. Couple of...
  20. zedmeister

    W208 CLK320 drivers electic memory seat problem

    W208 CLK320 drivers electric memory seat problem - help, can't drive car! Hi there, A while back my drivers memory seat developed a problem where trying to move it forward would move it back and moving it back would move it back. The memory button would bring it to the correct position so the...

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