1. M

    Interior electrics

    Trying to find the fuse for the interior lights, they’re all off when previously auto on, can anyone help. 67 plate Vito Tourer xlwb Any other reason the auto lights might be off? Thanks
  2. Squibby17

    2005 Vito Electric Window/Lock Actuator/Door Module fault?

    Hi all, An an ex-Sprinter owner who's had zero issues with the van for over 14 years, I'm 6 months into owning a Vito that's driving me up the wall, and I'm reaching out for any advice: Back before Christmas, while putting the passenger (NSF) electric window down, there was an audible pop from...
  3. C

    2019 Vito with 2.2CDI engine - induction noise on accelerating - normal?

    Hello, Brand new Vito (and Mercedes) owner here - just picked up a 2019 Vito 140 today. Generally all seems fine but driving on the motorway with the windows closed I noticed that when asking for more power (e.g. when cruise control meets a hill) there is quite a noticeable 'air flowing' noise...
  4. N

    Vito w639 2005 2148cc - problems Speedo not working

    Hey guys just got my self a Vito 55 reg . The Speedo is not working properly at all not showing the correct speed and going all the way to full clock when I’m probably doing 60/70mph . There’s an ABS light on and a orange light with a tyre and 2 arrows . Im not in the van atm but will upload...
  5. J

    Weird brake issues

    My vito seems to be making a loud squeaking noise while driving. When I apply the brakes, the noise stops completely. If I coast down a hill and lightly apply the brake pedal, there is no noise. But if no resistant, the noise can continue some times. While driving long distances, the noise...
  6. N

    W639 115 CDI MAF Mystery Any help greatly appreciated!

    Hey guys. Had my 07 Vito for around 4 years its done 184,000 and an absolute beast still. Although I'm having some problems with the MAF. In low gears the, especially 1st gear, the van jumps and jerks like it cant breathe properly. Connected a OBD with live data and the MAF data was erratic...
  7. J

    Location of oxygen sensors

    Can anyone help me locate the oxygen sensors on a Mercedes vito w639? I have the engine diagnostic light on and heard this is the most common reason. Thanks in advance
  8. J

    Engine diagnosis enigma

    As the title suggests, my Mercedes vito (55 plate) is causing no end of problems. I posted that the engine diagnostics light had been in and off over a period of 3 weeks. Monday this week, it can in while driving on an incline and accelerating. I took the van to be plugged in and read, and no...
  9. J

    Engine warning light ( diagnostics)

    The engine diagnostics light on my vito has been on and off a little over the past 3 weeks. No issues with performance until today. Light hadn’t been on all of last week except Friday afternoon. Got up to speed on a incline and the engine performance dipped and I’m guessing went into limp mode...
  10. C

    Mercedes Vito 1998 113 2.0 petrol - oil in water system

    Hi there, my van has oil in the water mixture. It aslo has a bit of an oil leak. Not sure they are related. The van pulls well in all gears and the garage told me it has good compression compressio and I have done one of those home chemical tests and it showed no issues. I found out from...
  11. C

    Merc Vito electric window/locking problem

    I’ve a Merc Vito van and the electrics in the drivers door have stopped working - the windows and central locking on that door don’t work. I’ve checked the door module and switch’s, and the fuses are all fine - there seems to be no power going into the door. it stopped working about 4 weeks...
  12. B

    2017 Vito CDI 116 turbo leak

    Hi Everyone. Just had my Van serviced yesterday and I made a comment that there is a louder than normal hiss from the turbo when driven hard up hill etc. The dealer sent me a pic showing a oily looking connection to the turbo. I complained about this issue 12 months ago and they changed the high...
  13. G

    VITO / V Class.... are Euro 6 OM651 engines as bad as Euro 5 OM651 engines?

    Hi all, I expect I am opening a can of worms here, with this but I'd like to get some feedback from people with real world experience. My 200,000 mile 2006 E Class Estate, which I love, just isn't big enough. So I am looking into getting a Vito / Viano / V class. I'm not in the money for a...
  14. 1

    W639 happiness?

    Hi, Folks, After buying recently a 180kkm old Vito, I have not come across a problem any worse than a dead tail light bulb. Not finding this website sooner may prove to be a blessing or a curse - time will tell. But in the meantime (while I understand that people mostly visit forums like this...
  15. G

    vito 109 cdi 2047 -1 rail pressure monitoring volume control valve values below range

    hi i have 2005 vito 109 cdi i get the engine managment light on when i accelerate turn it of goes away but comes back everytime ive put the computer on and get this code 2047 -1 rail pressure monitoring volume control valve values below range, and idea what part i need to change please advice...
  16. L

    Changed Fuel filter housing

    Hi guys, my mercedes vito 2012 started leaking coolant so we diagnosed it and found out it was the fuel filter housing that needed replacing. After replacing it, the leaking has stopped but the bus won't start now... the diagnostics do not show anything so we literally do not know what the issue...
  17. M

    2021 Vito Dark Graphite Grey

    Hey guys, I have just bought a new 2021 Vito 110 in Dark Graphite Grey. This colour should be a metalic colour but looking at it it looks more like flat grey. Looking online at other models in this colour they all seem much more metallic than mine. I was wondering if the paint has slightly...
  18. L

    Vito start error

    Could really use some advice and help with my 2004 vito. I've had to get the injectors overhauled after one had been left too long with black death by the previous owner, which has caused it to overheat the injector and caused excessive wear. This is now all sorted, however it has come up with a...
  19. Gehngus

    Side door doesn't know it is closed and doesn't lock

    Hi guys n girls. Hoping you might be able to assist. I have a vito camper conversion 2010 medium body hi top model RWD with vito engine. Previously a dpd van so is fitted with auto locks on the side and rear doors. They lock as soon as the door shuts. It recently decided not to lock the side...
  20. Steve Mack

    W447 Vito 3rd brake light removal

    All, I am trying to replace the high level tailgate brake light on my Mercedes Vito (2017 - W447) but cannot find any inf. on-line re. removal of housing assy. I think it may pop out if I gently prise it away from body but don’t wish to damage it should it be held secure by a bolt. Has anyone...

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