1. Z


    Hi, i am looking to buy an old mercedes and i am not a fan of the models that came after 2009. I have found a 2002 w211 e270 diesel. The car seems to be in a good condition except for the milage ofcourse. The car has done 400.000km, so i want to know that should i go for it, the car is cheap and...
  2. Noddy 99

    Remap - how much is TOO much?

    Hello, chaps, My 2009 W211 E280 should be with me shortly and I've tentatively booked a remap. The garage is an independent Mercedes specialist and the maps have a lifetime warranty so I trust the garage. Now, for £225, they are giving me a Stage 1 bhp hike from 190 to 270 which sounds INSANE...
  3. Noddy 99

    W211 12V Power Sockets + USB

    Hello, chaps, The delivery of my 2009 E-Class estate has been delayed into next week because of the need to order a part. In the background, I'm quietly stocking up on things I'll add to the car but can't go any further until I know: The location of all the 12V power sockets Whether the car...
  4. motocod

    W211 E270 water pump replacement - how much coolant?

    Hi Folks, I have a slight leak from my water pump on my ‘05 W211 E270, so I’m looking to replace it over the next few weeks. Seems like a fairly straightforward job, albeit I need to buy a T50 bit to take the idler pulley off. I also don’t have any “E” sockets, although regular hex sockets...
  5. motocod

    Whooshing under hard acceleration E270 W211

    Hi Folks, I’ve started getting a whooshing under hard acceleration - I’m guessing it might be a split in the intercooler pipe, as I had the same problem not long after I bought the car (seven years ago). Can anyone recommend where I can source a decent quality replacement part, please? No...
  6. motocod

    W211 battery convenience functions while idling

    Hi folks, Bit of an odd one; I’m getting the “battery convenience functions” warning while I’m sat idling in traffic. It’s happened twice now, and clears within a few minutes once back up to normal driving speeds. Two questions: 1. Is this relating to the little aux battery under the bonnet...
  7. J

    Historic Fault Codes (23EA, 200C, 200B, 22E0)

    Hi everyone, I'm Jonas and driving an S211 E220 CDI (2006) and just read my Fault Codes. I got 4 stored in the ECM. Since they are all historic can I just delete them and check if they come back? I recently replaced my V-ribbed belt because it was cracked - could that be where the errors are...
  8. grahamwoodward

    W211 E320 V6 petrol - vibration

    Hi guys. I have a 2004 E320 (W211) with 151,000 miles on the clock. When I start off from cold there is a vibration through the floor of the car. It goes away somewhat when the car warms up but not totally. I suspected that the engine mounts need replacing but my mechanic says there is no...
  9. motocod

    E270 W211 Diesel fuel filter - prime with diesel?

    Hi Folks, I've got a new diesel filter to go on my E270 - is it essential that I prime it with fuel before starting the car? Thanks in advance!
  10. S

    W211 OM642 Smoking and losing oil

    Hey. I got a W211 OM642 engine. I changed turbo once because it was dragging oil into exhaust, brand new turbo. After change i have to fill oil every 5-6 days. I have changed the crank ventilation, and this cover behind, and still no changes. It Smokes much. Looks like i create a fog behind me...
  11. T

    W211 270CDi - Thick black smoke

    Hi guys. I know, you´ve seen this kind of posts a million times, but this is not the usual EGR / injectors / swirl flaps case. Please, if you know a bit about these engines, read through. I did a fair bit of google research, searched through this and other forums, but I haven´t found anyone...
  12. motocod

    Red battery dash warning W211

    Hi Folks, The last few days I’ve been getting the red workshop battery warning on my dash. Some Googling suggests it could be the Aux battery. The car is a 2005 E270. I understand that the main battery should be disconnected before the Aux. Can anyone confirm this? Also, where do I find the...
  13. J

    E320cdi sport w211 brabus

    Hi I’m wondering if anyone can help me in the way of a brabus tuning box for a w211 e320cdi sport and if it’s worth getting I just want a decent bit of power to have some fun, I’m from Southampton but can travel
  14. P

    W211 Brake light problems

    Have a 2006 W211 saloon car, brake lights on both side as at the rear are not working - the backup lights are coming on instead, I've replaced both bulb holder units and bulbs for new and still no change... The High level boot light works ok.... At one point the drivers side brake light was...
  15. ptruswell

    W211 E280 Estate: rear air-suspension

    Please can other owners advise... My 15-year-old W211 estate is showing it's age in body and, more importantly and potentially costly, in the rear air-suspension department... My mechanic in Macclesfield (Cheshire) advises me that the so-called 'air bag' units that are used instead of...
  16. P

    W211 wagon rear shocks top mount

    I've seen a few posts on the difficulty of securing the disk to unscrew the top mount and referring to a special MB tool. I've just done this using 2 hose clips to clamp the disk. In this instance I prevented it rotating with a small socket strategically placed
  17. P

    W211 Parking Brake Pedal Removal

    Anyone got any tips for this? 1. Removing the cover beneath the instrument panel. Besides removing three screws, is there anything else holding it in place? Is it just brute force needed to get it out from the heater assembly? 2. The manual says to remove heat shield and cross member under the...
  18. K

    w211 intermittent loss of power no fault code

    2007 E320CDI v6 sport 124000 miles. Hello all, First I must thank this forum and all users for helping and sharing your knowledge, I have gained lots of knowledge here during the past years. Now my car drives fine except randomly loses power and gain power again without any input from me (no...
  19. P

    W211 parking brake pawl broken

    As above; the parking brake pedal won't stay in place and the release cable is loose. I've had a look and can see half of the pawl is still attached to the pedal and the rest is presumably behind the dashboard still attached to the cable. I've ordered a second hand pedal assembly but would...
  20. N

    Hi - E270 W211 - looking for advice on ABS and ESP malfunction

    Hi All My E class 2005 W211 is showing an ABS and ESP malfunction. It's been plugged in for diagnostics to no avail. I've tried changing the brake light switch (youtube recommend that can apparently fix it sometimes - it didn't). Needs an MOT soon so am anxious to be able to resolve the...

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