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  1. Baddad59

    Am I expecting too much?

    Afternoon all, Thought id' sign up again after some time away, (not in prison) to tell of my 2001, W210, rust adventure. I bought the car in 2018 with 54500 miles, looking as new, having been garaged and with minimal rust. By Jan this year the rust was spreading despite being treated with rust...
  2. A

    E Class 2016 w213 Saloon E220d SE

    Hi all, Hope everyones doing well. I am planning on purchasing a Mercedes E Class 2016 Saloon SE. The SE that I have found is a really nice spec with Pan roof and the single 12.3 inch screen for a reasonable price. However, the only thing that is concerning me is the fact that the exterior...
  3. M

    Vehicle FOR SALE: W210 E55 AMG

    W210 E55 AMG, 1998 'R' Reg. Only 96,500 miles with a full complimented service history. MOT in June/July with no advisories. 4 Dunlop Tyres not so long ago. Recent works include: Completed at Mercedes-Benz in September 2020: Full Major Service including Air Filters, Charcoal Filters, Fuel...
  4. Janchee

    E class steering click

    Hi all, hoping you can help diagnose this car. I’ve posted about it before but not got many answers and Mercedes can’t find anything either - so any help to get it sorted will be greatly appreciated Steering wheel seems to click when turning left. I’ve also got a wheel shake at all speeds...
  5. Janchee

    Help fit New Discs and Pads Lincoln? W213 E class

    Hi all, Mercedes quoted £800 for new discs and pads today :alien: I can get all parts of brembo quality for £300. Just wondering if there are any good fellows on this forum around Lincolnshire area who might help fit them. Local Dexel garage have offered to fit them for just labour but no...
  6. Janchee

    W213 E220d estate - AMG19 to Se 17?

    Hi all In a previous thread; I hit a pothole 4 weeks back and a second garage has confirmed that there is a crack in my NSR alloy. Situation is that I would most like have to replace both alloy and tyre (garage saying this if impact has caused alloy to crack, can’t see damage easily within...
  7. Janchee

    W213 Brake Judder

    Hi all, Drove to Bristol today ( 380 mile round trip ) and I've noticed a severe judder of the steering wheel under braking. Googling the problem has opened my eyes. I've seen that a large majority of W213 owners are suffering from this problem. Car is just 4 months out-of-warranty. Only 34k...
  8. Janchee

    Passenger puddle light not working (under mirror)

    Hi all, Picked up a second hand E class estate couple of months back (W213, estate, 220D, Reg: Sep 16) and have noticed that the passenger puddle light isn’t working. All lights on the door are still working ie bottom of door, ambient lighting, indicator light etc. Drivers side puddle light...
  9. T

    Which E class

    Hi everybody! Hopefully somebody can give me some good ideas what to do here; I'm purchasing a car and parented by a mechanic a Mercedes is the only option. Things narrowed to a diesel E class 2009. to 2014. I have literally seen every single one of the E classes in a 0 to 6500 pounds price...
  10. Ian306

    E class rail cover

    I have an E220 amg sport (c207) I was putting my roof bars on today and accidentally caught one of the covers that cover up the mounting points, snapping the corner. Is it possible to get replacement covers? If so, does anyone know how much they would be, and how easy/hard are they to fit? Ian
  11. A

    E430AMG Number plate for sale

    I am selling my cherished plate E430AMG which comes with the certificate etc. I also have spare plates if wanted. Reasonable offers accepted please email me at alanp.more@sky.com
  12. K

    Garmin Sat Nat Directions- always says 3 miles?

    The Garmin sat nav in my E220D works well for me overall however I’ve noticed a glitch. When it is navigating and you’ve just completed a manoeuvre, eg turning or leaving a junction, it then says continue for 3 miles irrespective of how far to the next turn/junction. It’s always 3 miles...
  13. S

    w212 s212 Rear Air Suspension. A WARNING!!

    Having recently had a slow leak necessitating the replacement of a rear air spring on my car (and finding it an incredibly easy job, it's described elsewhere but with two people you don't even need to remove the shock top mount making it a 15 minute job) I found some springs at just over £60...
  14. K

    Alert alert do not buy!!!

    DO NOT BUY FH65ZPS silver e class coupe for sale at jag land rover Southampton it’s completely bodged!! !hi all just had to join to alert everyone not to buy Fh65zps I put a deposit on it 2 weeks ago on the grounds the endless list of scratches on the body the worn turbo , the massive scratch...
  15. T

    Just bought my 6th Benz...

    My newest vehicle is a 2005 E320 CDI with 145 k miles. Bought it in Raleigh, NC and drove it home to Tucson, AZ. This is my 3rd diesel and I'm excited to see how long this one can serve me! Tucson320CDI
  16. M

    E-class coupe no crank issue

    Hello I have a 2011 Mercedes E Class coupe The car won't crack over to start the dash lights turn on all fuses are okay interior heating doesn't turn on sometimes buttons on steering wheel don't work also the radio controls and seats gearbox used to show up on the dash screen if its in park...
  17. J

    Vehicle Mercedes-Benz E250 CDI Avantgarde 7G-Tronic Auto 4-door Saloon

    For Sale: my immaculate E250 CDI Avantgarde Saloon: Diesel – 2,143 cc, 4-cylinder in-line Power - 204 hp/150 kW @4,200 rpm Torque - 500Nm @ 1,600 - 1,800 rpm Common-rail diesel with twin turbochargers CO2 output 132g/km (£135 pa road tax) Top speed - 150 mph 0-60 - 7.5 secs Fuel consumption...
  18. H

    W212 GPS Antenna (Convertible)

    Hello, New to this forum so apologies if I've posted this in the wrong section. A month ago my W212 cabriolet's Satnav showed my location way off. I'm in Essex and it was showing up somewhere in wales so a good 300 miles off. Doing some research it looks like the GPS antenna has gone maybe? I've...
  19. A


    Hello everyone! Just wanted to get registeted and join the community. I take delivery of my new E220D AMG Line On 5th July! I decided on the following configs: - iridium silver - premium plus - comand online with widescreen display - split folding rear seats Very much looking forward to...
  20. J


    Over the last few months my airmatic rear suspension has been slowly going down over a few days. When i started the car up it would pump up the correct level quickly and stay at that level. A few weeks ago i started the car up after not using it for a few days and it came up with an error for...

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