1. T

    W163 ML270 Starting Problems

    Hi All. I have a 2004 ML270 that’s being problematic starting when cold. It starts first time but almost immediately cuts out. It then needs another 4 or 5 cranks to start it. Problem is, it sometimes kills the battery by the last attempt so I then have to charge it. It’s been in to an...
  2. Kiwi_Benz

    W163 2003 Ipod or AUX added to Command 2.0 radio upgrade

    Upgrade of the Command 2.0 Bose sound system without MOST etc is possible. I purchased a cable (and the head unit removal keys) from the guys at Command Online in the UK and it came with instructions to attach 4 wires into the back of the head unit into C2. You then fit the other end of the...
  3. Kiwi_Benz

    Kiwi (not lost) in France, for now with W163

    Hello all, I have been looking through the forum and thought I should join! I'm a Kiwi currently in France but I live in Indonesia, and while we are in France we need a vehicle to tow a horse float. So, ML270 seemed a good idea! It has a strange fault we just noticed on our first long trip -...
  4. M

    ML270 Loss of Power

    Hi All, New to the forum and MB. So I have be surfing the internet and this loss of power with the ML270 05 seems to be a common issue and seems an fairly easy issue to rectify from my reading. However I though I would ask for advice on the problem in case I miss something and a few more...
  5. Granit

    Please Help!! ML 270 CDI Turbo or Cat problem

    Hi there, My first post and I really hope someone can help me on this problem. Right, Yesterday which was Sunday, I thought I would take off the Turbo intake pipe and clean it. So I started by opening up the air filter box taking the air filter out, note that the air filer had sort of...
  6. Benny Dub

    2003 C270 CDi performance upgrades

    Evening all - I'm now about 4 months back into Mercedes ownership - I sold my W208 a couple years ago but needing something a bit more economic, comfy and practical than my old MG I've got myself a 2003 W203 wagon, C270 CDi. I plan to get a bit more power out of it, and although was initially...
  7. S

    ML270 W163 intercooler hose

    Where the intercooler hose meets the EGR valve, it has a fitted metal sleeve with a couple of 'lumps' to locate it with a clip, and (in theory) a rubber seal. How tight a fit should this hose be into the EGR? The retaining lumps on mine appear to be nearly non existent and its possible to move...
  8. B

    Engine bay fire - My 2002 ML 270

    As per the title, My ML has just been written off due to a fire destroying the engine bay. We were travelling up the M6 with the caravan on the back when the other couple we were travelling with phoned us to say the could see steam coming out from the side of the car. Luckily we were just...
  9. H

    ML270 Drive/gear issue

    Hi I have an ML270 54 Plate tiptronic, when I put into drive with foot on the break it try's to move forward quickly and would stall if you don't tap your foot off the break. Has anyone got any ideas ? Cheers Chris
  10. T

    No Interior Lighting ML270 w163

    Please help, I've just picked up a 2004 ML270 cdi w163 and none of the interior roof lights work, front middle or back. i,ve checked fuse 13, it's fine and the 3 way switch does nothing. also the switch to allow the car to be towed (in roof panel with lights) does nothing when pressed...
  11. M

    ml270 multiple turbo failure advice req

    Hi Everyone, I bought an ml270 , the turbo failed the day after i had it,it suffered from an oil leak, i put it into a well respected inde dealer who replaced the turbo using the same unit but had it repaired, he fixed a fuel leak, done some diagnostics and charged me £945. Drove the ml...
  12. W

    Fuel problem 2001 ML270

    Hi, While I wait for the phone call from the garage to tell me how much this going to cost me, i was wondering if anyone could shed possible light on what may have happened. Driving to work last night, about a 40 min journey ,stopped and and put a quick £10 of diesel in and continued on, i...
  13. N

    ML270 2003 Rear Door Stuck

    Hi all. I'm a newbie, and just got my first, albeit 2nd hand, MB! So a few teething problems but my main one is this. The rear drivers side door is shut, and aint opening! I managed to get the interior panel off at the top, and the cable appears to be ok, even managed to pull it and it...
  14. F

    A163 2002 ABS PUMP NUMBER

    I'll have another go at asking this. What is the part number for the ABS PUMP? My vin number is WDC1631132A305715. All help appreciated. Peter.
  15. M

    Error code P1189 an P1192 - whats a common cause?

    Hi All, My ML270 CDI auto (W163 2001 model, 130K miles) has had problems with going into limp mode for a few months. Ive changed the maf sensor (it was dead ;-) ) ,cam and crank sensors as they were erroring, glow plugs and "starter pack" and just now replaced the inlet manifold as the old...
  16. F

    ML270 instrument lights not working.

    Help!!! When I switch on my side or lights on my instrument lights go off. Any ideas anyone? Thanks, Peter.
  17. R

    ML270 ECU Re-Map

    Was wondering if anyone would be interested in a 2002 ML270 ECU that has a remap from :- The remap works very well, pulls like a train. No adverse MPG drop, maybe a little if you use the power more often :-) Approx 198bhp etc as per www site above...
  18. R

    Pilot Bush - What Does it do ?

    I see a few posts about replacing a leaking pilot bush, which along with a duff battery, can cause the P2600 fault code to appear and put the car in to limp mode. But, what does the pilot bush actually do ? I maybe thick, but a quick learner :-) Richard
  19. U

    Loud creaking noise on cornering

    Hi, just had my ML270 back from repairs (cosmetic only) where new Winbo side bars have been fitted to replace the old scratched ones. Since then the car makes very loud creaking metallic noises on rear/centre left and front/centre right when cornering in respective directions. The repair...
  20. F

    ABS Light ML270 (2002) again

    My ABS light comes on and disappears at will. I have asked the Forums advice on this and it was suggested that I get it checked on STAR. Fair enough but as the fault is intermittent surely I would be wasting money if the fault was not apparent at the garage? Can anyone suggest things I can check...

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